Florida Man July 10

Florida Man July 10 – The No Arm Bandit

These four Florida man July 10 stories highlight the reasons to stay out of Florida.

Unlike everyone else, Florida Man doesn’t take a day off.

He is constantly out there getting into trouble. Sometimes it is small. Sometimes, it is significant.

Today, we will see what Florida Man has done on July 10.


Florida Man July 10: With No Arms Stabs Tourist

Everyone knows that tourists can get a bit annoying. However, being annoying is not a good enough reason to assault them.

In this case, that isn’t the only weird thing. The Florida man who attacked the tourist had no arms.

A famous street artist who has become quite able with his legs became a Florida Man on July 10 when he stabbed a tourist with scissors.

He held the scissors with his feet and then tucked the scissors in his waistband before walking away.

Police arrested the Florida Man on charges of aggravated battery using a deadly weapon.

Florida Man July 10

Florida Man July 10: Doesn’t Drink While DRIVING.

Police pulled over a Florida man on July 10th for driving under the influence.

When stopped, the Florida Man told the police that he wasn’t drinking AND driving.

He only took drinks when he came to the stop signs. So the car was stopped, and he technically was not moving.

Turns out that isn’t an exception to the DUI laws. Officers arrested the man for DUI.

Florida Man: Moons Police

Many articles involve Florida Man not having pants on and doing stupid things.

This is another one.

A Florida Man mooned the police and decided to run away. While running away, he took a few sips of his beer.

The police went and searched for him after the incident and found him continuing to drink his beer.

His response when was found was that he just wanted to do something extraordinary.

Florida Man July 10: Threatens To Shoot Kids At Party

On July 10, 2020, Florida Man Anthony Ninham Schuler was a giant party killer. Lucky for everyone involved, not literally.

The Florida Man called 9-1-1, stating that he would shoot the kids at a house party in his neighborhood.

Law enforcement showed up at a house with the party, and the partiers said nothing was wrong.

They directed the police to a neighbor that may have had issues with him.

They returned to the party after receiving no answer at the neighbor’s house. The woman who spoke with police from the party ended up being the daughter of the man who called 9-1-1.

Florida Man had threatened to shoot up the kids at his own party.

Police went upstairs and found the man who had called 9-1-1. Police found the man incredibly drunk and quickly arrested him. Florida Man wasn’t too bright.


Now that we have looked at what Florida Man has gotten up to on July 10th, do you want to learn more?

If so, check out some of the other days we have covered in the history of the sunshine state.

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