Hi! I’m Katherine. I’m a health & wellness coach with over 10 years of experience in injury prevention and pre & post-operative care. I studied Human Kinetics at California State University-Fresno, focusing on Physiotherapy. I specialize in helping people, mostly athletes who’ve suffered a health “event” (injury, illness) re-learn how to thrive back to their performance.

I have explored many forms of movement including yoga, pilates, capoeira, gymnastics, cycling and just recently, animal flow. I’m enjoying learning this new movement especially because it’s something that’s already kinda familiar as it has similar movements with capoeira.

Being a health & wellness coach, I feel like I have the responsibility to teach the world how to stay healthy and fit. That’s why I decided to start this blog. On this site, I wanna share my knowledge on keeping the family healthy. I’m also a mom so there will be times that I will be sharing some household tips and tricks as well. I hope whoever reads my articles will find my site useful. 🙂