florida man September 13

Florida Man September 13

From accidentally texting the Narcotics Unit Captain to getting arrested for doing a completely absurd thing, Florida Man September 13 is indeed another adventurous and random day for our favorite anti-hero.

So, what did the Florida Man do on this day? What kind of tale can we expect from him? See the full stories right below:

Florida Man September 13


Florida Man September 13, 2015 – ​Florida Man Arrested After Mistakenly Texts Captain of Narcotics Unit

MARTIN COUNTY, Florida. – Police arrested a local Florida Man for drug possession after mistakenly texting the Captain of the Narcotics Unit.

Sometimes, you need to always check the number twice before sending anything, so you won’t make the same mistake as our dear Florida Man.

The Florida man in question is William Lamberson (29). Police arrested Lamberson shortly after he texted the Captain about a meeting for a narcotics transaction.

The story starts with Captain Brian Bergen, the head of Martin County Sheriff’s Office’s Narcotics Unit.

He said the first text he received was from Will, who wanted to sell the drugs ‘as they normally do.’

However, Bergen exchanged text messages with William to the point that he wanted to lure the culprit by buying marijuana and cocaine.

Of course, William responded eagerly to the request; he wanted to offer him only the best quality dope. 

Since the first text messages he received were fascinating, the Captain decided to continue communicating with William.

He knew at that point that the sender of the text was quite serious about the topic. After more text exchanges, they agreed to meet at a time in Jensen Beach.

He set the meeting while his colleagues waited at the spot. They got William and charged him for drug possession with intent to sell.

At first, Captain Bergen was concerned about the sender; what if it was a child who wrongly dialed the number? Since the sender sent the messages randomly, this scenario could indeed happen.

However, it turned out it was William, the Florida Man who intended to sell drugs. Police charged William and held him on a $40,000 bond in the Martin County Jail.

Florida Man September 13, 2021 – Florida Man Detained After Exposing Himself to Toll Collector.

ORLANDO, Florida. – Police arrested a Florida Man on indecent exposure charges that happened to multiple toll booth workers in a week.

State troopers led the investigation because it happened on the highway, their jurisdiction. The seven incidents happened in about three days, with 7 a.m being the most active time for the serial flasher. 

Witnesses stated that the Florida Man entered the cash lane of the toll plaza. The workers said the man had no clothes and had shown his private parts.

The man in question here is Mark Fillyaw (41). Police later arrested Filyaw after a photo comparison confirmed his identity. 

Final Thoughts

These are our stories for Florida Man on September 13. And we want to advise one thing for you: be sure to double-check the number before texting or calling somebody. Who knows who the receiver is on the other side? That’s why it’s better to be prepared than sorry.

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