At Home Games and Toys to Keep Your Children Active

Children seek adventure, one that is fueled by their unlimited imagination and keeps on running for years to come. However, when at home children tend to become lazy, and can easily steep down to becoming couch potatoes. This is because containing them in a single space brings them and their imagination pool down, to a point where they are no longer motivated to keep going through various adventures. 

While that sounds like a treat for parents, as they can use a little downtime. However, it has a horrible impact on the children. This is why you need games and toys that can help keep your children active even when they are stuck at home. Making sure all their energy is going out in a positive way. To help you out we have listed down a number of at-home games and toys that can help keep your children busy and active.

Tape Games

A simple tool such as painter’s tape can help you create endless games that can keep your kids busy and active at the same time. The advantage of tape games is that they are easy to set up, and your kids can start playing in a matter of minutes. 

You can choose from games such as the tape shape game, one where you tape down different letters, numbers, and shapes and your kids get to guess the element. Similarly, you can set up the tape line game that lets your kids hop, jump, run, and stretch in a single setting. 

Furthermore, if you have a little time and a few different colors of tape you can create a racing track, hopscotch board, and even number squares. Making sure you have your kids hooked and enjoying every moment of their playtime. 

Balloon Games

Balloons are not only for parties, and can help create some amazing memories. There are simple and fun ways to play such as slapping the balloon and keeping it in the air, the idea is not to let the balloon touch the ground, and you can play it as a single-player or even in teams. 

On the other hand, if you have kids older than 5 years you can play the balloon blow game, backhand balloon balance, balloon trap, and other similar games. All of these can be set up in your home, do not require excessive items, and can be enjoyed for hours to come. 

These simple and fun games are a great way to get started, and once your kids have taken a liking to games you can easily add more to the mix. For those with grown kids, we suggest you push them towards board games such as twister, to ensure they are up and working all their muscles. 

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