Bringing your gym home is not an easy undertaking, especially when you do not have a set gym area in your home. Gym equipment is huge and bulky, and can easily take over if you don’t plan the process in advance. However, when done right you can choose the best at-home workout machines that offer you the results you need without having to worry about a hefty gym membership fee. 


Peloton Bike

The mighty Peloton spin bike comes with an adjustable handlebar and a 21.5inch touch display that keeps you hooked. You can use the screen to join in a class or even enjoy something to help you stay on track and focused. The subscription costs an additional $39 per month and can help you get easy access to yoga classes, Bootcamp, running classes, stretching classes, and even meditation. 

The peloton bike is the perfect choice for those who love to bike, and are unable to keep up with specific hours. By having a peloton bike at home you can enjoy a productive session that takes care of your entire body rather than focusing on one aspect. 

Bowflex Treadmill 22

A top-of-the-line treadmill that comes with a guided training system. Paired with the system is a 22-inch display system that runs the massive workout modes made available by JRNY application. Additionally, if you are in the mood you can easily switch from the workout session to Disney+ or Netflix. 

However, that is not all that makes it a wonderful choice, but that is its exceptional build. Offering you top speed at 12mph, being able to hold up to 400lbs, and even inclines about 20%. Bringing you a commercially built system that holds all the entertainment you need to get through even the hardest of workout sessions. 


An indoor rowing machine that comes with olympian level classes that keep your upper and core body in shape. All the while offering you low-impact and high-intensity cardio. One that helps you get the same level of traction that you get from cycling or running. The setup is paired with a 22” wide full HD screen system that keeps you hooked.

Set with an electromagnetic resistance system, a cushioned seat, and adjustable pedals that keep you comfortable at all times. Moreover, if you are looking for something a little extra you can apply for a $38 per month subscription that offers on-demand and live workouts with Olympians and other world-class rowers. 

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