Top Cleaning Hacks to Keep Your Home Germ Free

Your home is meant to be your safe space, somewhere you can relax knowing you are safe and protected at all times. However, that policy is only valid when you take care of your home and create a safe space for you and your family members. Adding a lock on the door is not the only kind of safety you need, you need to keep a clean house that is free from bacteria and other germs that can cause harm to you and your family. 

Unfortunately, germs are everywhere but there are ways you can eliminate them completely, and create a healthy space that pushes them out of your house. To help you out we have listed down the top cleaning hacks that can help you create a germ-free home.


Cleaning Routine

Cleaning should be a vital part of your life, as it is the only way to maintain a safe and germ-free space. The best way to ensure you are keeping your house germ-free is by teaching everyone to clean up after themselves, once everyone starts picking up their own slack, the main cleaner won’t have to take on such a heavy load. Secondly, you need to determine which area gets deep cleaned on which day, and get others in the house to help you out. This ensures that everyone is part of the cleaning process, and you can easily keep a track of which area you are heading for next. 

Dry & Ventilated

High humidity and moisture are a threat to your home, as they can help create a breeding ground for bacteria and even push through the mold. The best way to eliminate the threat is by doing a deep inspection, and once any and all threats have been removed you are required to keep a dry and well-ventilated system. All you have to do is open a window during the day, making sure sunlight and fresh air can make their way through. However, if you cannot open your windows we suggest you invest in a humidifier. 


The sponges you use to clean your dishes, counters, and other spaces are harboring endless bacteria. This is why not only are you required to change it every few weeks, but you need to disinfect them every now and then. Think about it for a second, if you are cleaning using an old sponge you are essentially spreading more bacteria than you are cleaning. While it may look clean and ready to use, you must disinfect them to ensure a germ-free setting. The best way is to dip them in a solution of bleach and water. 


Cleaning and clearing out your dustbins on a regular basis is the only way to prevent a bacteria build-up. However, when you keep changing the bin bag but forget to clean the bin itself you are creating a bacteria hub. This is why you need to ensure every bin in the house is disinfected every other day. We suggest you use a homemade or store-bought disinfectant and wipe the bin down with a microfiber cloth. This is the only way to ensure you kill off bacteria and germs. 

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