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Healthy Bodies Can Adapt To Stress

Advocates of holistic health believe that the accumulation of stressful experiences results in disease. The healthy body is able to adapt to stress but failure to adapt causes disease.

Muscle Recovery After A Workout

There is now considerable evidence linking emotional factors with disease. The so-called diseases of civilization such as high blood pressure and heart disease are seen to be linked with lifestyle and emotional and nervous disturbances.

The stress of modern life can be reduced by planning your response to stress in advance, choosing not to worry about problems and getting lost occasionally in calming activities. There are also a number of holistic techniques which are involved with stress reduction.

Some use the body to bring about such a response, for example, exercise, yoga and tai chi. Others, like meditation, biofeedback and autogenic training, tend to use the power of the mind to quiet the body.

Biofeedback Training

Biofeedback training is a method where the person gets immediate feedback from a sensitive instrument of his or her internal states. Through the feedback machine the person be comes aware of muscle tension and how to control it.

Autogenic Training

Autogenic training is a method for teaching a person to control internal states through a series of phrases that focus on different parts of the body and which give suggestions for relaxation. The person says the phrases while lying down and their continued use enables the person to enter relaxation states similar to hypnosis.


Visualization is a process which uses the person’s imagination while in a meditative or relaxed state. An other person guides the subject through scenes from life. The use of positive mental pictures can get your body to respond to the visualization as if it was a real experience. It can be used to create a picture of a healthy body or new life plans.

Tai chi

Tai chi is considered one or the most healthful and versatile of the martial arts. It is a Chinese form of moving meditation, for restoring of the harmony between mind and body.

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