How to Improve Your Swing Power In Softball

Softball is a fun game for players of different ages and most love it because they can swing a bat and get a base hit. Most pros in the game have very powerful swings that result in hits that take the ball for more than 600 feet. But, these powerful swings do not just come naturally.

How to Improve Your Swing Power In Softball

To develop them you will need a lot of practice and an understanding of the fundamentals involved. Whether you are just starting as a newbie or you have been playing for a while here are some helpful tips on how to improve your swing power in softball.

#1 Strengthen Your Core

A great swing is not all about grabbing a softball bat and holding it correctly. Before you get to this point, you should first strive to strengthen your core. You have to strengthen different parts of the body that you will need to make powerful swings, and this can only be possible with regular workout routines. You should make sure that you do regular pushups, sit-ups, forearm planks and any other exercises that will strengthen your legs and hands. These exercises will help you develop and strengthen core muscles which you will need to transfer power to your swings.

#2 Get the Grip Right

It is impossible to have powerful swings if you do not get the grip right and you should always keep this fact in mind if you want to perform well with the bat. Your coach should help you with information on how to grip a bat the right way. However, the basic idea is to line up your knuckles and keep your hands relaxed. Keeping your hands loose ensures that you can react fast to any pitch coming your way. Also, always make sure that you apply pressure on the bat with your fingers and not the palm. Applying pressure with palms makes the grip too stiff, and this will, in turn, affect the power of the swing.

#3 Position your Body Well

How you position your body as you prepare to swing the fastpitch or slowpitch softball bat will have an impact on the power that you generate for the swing. The right batting stance should always involve putting weight on your backside because this will give you maximum power for your swing. A hitter also needs to make sure that he positions the feet well and one way to ensure this is by avoiding overdependence on the heels. Instead, you should also use the balls of the feet because this will help utilize all your muscle strength. Lastly, make sure that you give your knees a slight bent and keep the leg muscles relaxed because keeping them tight leads to power loss.

#4 Always Keep the Bat at a 45 Degree Angle

Any professional softball player or coach will always tell you that the fastest way of getting the bat into the striking zone from the starting position is by keeping it at the right angle which should always be 45 degrees. This angle is also very easy to achieve, and it is one of the first things that a hitter should figure out for great swings. When the angle is right, the hands should be by the ears while the arm will form a comfortable A-shape. Having the bat at 45 degrees ensures that you can get it into the strike zone fast which is just what you need to improve your swing power.

#5 Make the Correct Movement

There is more to swinging a softball bat than just holding it well and waiting for the ball. There are some moves that your body needs to make to ensure maximum power on impact. First and most important is a full rotation of the hips towards the pitcher as you swing the bat. It is important to understand that most of the power will come from your lower body and so hip rotation helps to utilize it well and also aids in extending your bat and arms toward the pitch. Full arm extension makes sure that you hit the ball with maximum power and so timing this extension with the hip rotation is vital. Also, you need to make sure that you time the stride well. The stride is the movement of the front foot to establish momentum, and it should not be more than eight inches.

Improving your swing power is one of the best ways to ensure that you become a good softball player. There is some modern equipment that you can use to improve your swinging abilities, but the tips above will also come in handy as they will help you understand the proper mechanics of a swing.

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