How To Lose Weight Without Loose Skin

Lose Weight Without Loose Skin

To diet rather strictly in summer is easy, even pleasant; so if you would lose those extra few pounds, which are adding years to your apparent age, start reducing treatment before the dull days of autumn and winter arrive.

First weigh yourself and decide how much you wish to lose, and if you lose it gradually you will not have to face the wrinkles and sagging which are almost certain to follow a drastic reduction in weight.

How To Start Thinning Without Excess Skin

Start your reducing by a two days diet of oranges and lemons—nothing else whatever. Every two hours take the juice of three oranges and one lemon. This can be taken pure or diluted with a little water if preferred.

It is as well to rest during those two days, and although you may feel in want of something more solid at first you will be surprised at how well you will feel at the end of the two days. Then start on your special diet.

For breakfast take fruit, any fruit you prefer except bananas, but be sure to include an orange. A cup of weak tea without sugar is permitted, and a thin slice of wholemeal bread if desired, but it is better to omit that.

For lunch a little cold meat and a salad with tomato and a dressing of lemon juice, no salad oil is allowed. A few dry biscuits and an orange may be taken in place of a sweet.

fruit and veggies

At dinner you may have a lamb or mutton chop or cutlet, green vegetables, salad, dry biscuits, and fruit, with a generous slice of pineapple. All meals must be taken dry, but black coffee is allowed after lunch and dinner and tap water between meals as desired.

At bedtime and the first thing in the morning a glass of water, to which has been added the juice of lemon and an orange, should be slowly sipped. The water can be hot or cold as preferred.

Six or eight weeks of this dieting conscientiously carried out should effect a very noticeable loss of weight and a remarkable improvement in general health.

Such a diet is not only improving to the figure, but clears and beautifies the complexion, while the orange juice will have a beneficial effect in many ways, not the least of which will be in making the eyes clear and bright and very sparkling.

Stay Motivated With Your Weight Loss Journey

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