What I Learned About Myself After Losing 40 Pounds

Getting older certainly took a toll on me. I started to gain weight and dealt with lots of it around my belly and hips. It was harder for me to fit into my old dresses too. The fact that women are so prone to heart disease was especially concerning to me. As a result, I had to lose weight.

Before and after losing 40 pounds

I put in a strong plan for losing at least 40 pounds so I could feel better about my body. I was especially active in that I started a strong exercise routine with mostly cardiovascular exercises in mind. I also worked on a few muscle training routines including some glute exercises and investing in some fitness equipment. I also had to clear out my kitchen and replace everything I had with much healthier foods. It was not the easiest thing in the world for me to do but it was a real necessity.

In the end, I felt great about myself as I started to lose weight. Today I feel much better about my body after losing 40 pounds. It was amazing to see just how I feel more energetic and mobile. However, there were quite a few things learned from my 40 pounds weight loss that deserves to be mentioned just as well.

1. Belly Fat Is Tougher To Clear Out Than It Seems

While it is one thing to get fats to disappear around the legs, it is another to deal with belly fat. I had a tough time trying to get rid of that belly fat when I lost all that weight. That fat was the last to go.

It turns out that belly fat is stubborn because the body’s metabolic rate declines as one gets older. This makes it tougher for the human body to be able to burn off all that fat.

A great part of why your belly fat won’t go away is due to workouts being too low in intensity or eating the wrong foods. By eating more organic foods and engaging in intense cardiovascular workouts, it was easier for me to shed all that stubborn fat after a while. It certainly helped me to feel better about my body and how I was feeling in the long run.

2. Planning Meals Is Important

It’s also a necessity to plan out meals right. I found that by planning out meals while losing weight, it was easier for me to feel better about myself. This was because I knew quite well about the process of planning meals based on what nutrients I needed and how to get foods prepared well enough. It wasn’t as hard for me to get a good diet going when I knew how to plan things.

3. Regularity Is Critical For Exercise

As great as a healthy diet can be, it is even more important to have a smart exercise routine. This is to help use the energy that the body takes in from foods. This keeps the energy from being stored as fat. It was needed to help me with losing weight and to keep my regular energy stores in check.

4. Regular Dietary Habits Are Important

I also learned that to lose weight, you cannot just force yourself to eat nothing. By avoiding eating anything, you are actually doing more to hurt your chances at weight loss. You are simply ignoring your body’s ability to handle the nutrients it requires for weight loss.

If anything, a regular plan for breakfast, lunch and dinner is needed each day. This is to keep the body’s metabolic functions working properly. More importantly, this also helps with creating a more active lifestyle and routine that is easier for the body to handle.

I learned quite a bit over all this time as it was easier for me to lose weight if I just thought carefully about what I was doing. It’s not as hard for anyone to lose weight if they just think carefully about what can be done. I feel great about the weight loss that I have gotten into and I feel that anyone can feel better about their bodies if they just understand what they can do to lose weight.

Guest Post by Annie Jones, the founder of BoostBodyfit. She is a huge fan of healthy eating and living! She create the blog purely to share her experiences and expertise on health, nutrition, exercise and everything else between. She is also a mother of two where she balances between her passion and biggest joy in life.

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