What Vitamin Deficiency Causes Scurvy

what vitamin deficiency causes scurvy

The richest and most easily obtained sources of Vitamin C are oranges and other citrus fruits.

Scurvy is caused by the deficiency of which vitamin

With the approach of winter it is essential that we build up our resistance as much as possible so that we will not be so susceptible to colds and other winter ills. One of the simplest ways of ensuring this is by providing our bodies with an adequate quantity of Vitamin C.

This vitamin plays an important part in the maintenance of well developed teeth structure and healthy gums as well as strengthening the resistance of the body tissues to infections. If the intake of Vitamin C is not sufficient for the body’s requirements over a period of time, scurvy is likely to develop.

Lack of vitamin C symptoms

This is a disease characterized by stiffness and swelling of the joints and tenderness and bleeding of the gums, loosened teeth and bruising due to concealed bleeding under the skin. Fortunately there is very little scurvy in its severe form, but mild cases have been reported.

Even if the deficiency is not acute enough to produce scurvy, an insufficient supply of the vitamin will often result in symptoms of ill health such as irritability in children, restlessness and a vague run down feeling.

Dietary requirements of vitamin C

The requirements of Vitamin C for adolescents is even higher than that for younger children so it is very necessary to make sure that we are eating the right foods. Moreover, it is impossible for the body to store Vitamin C in any quantity, so it is important that we obtain our quota every day.

Fresh fruit and vegetables and to a certain extent many raw foods contain Vitamin C. The richest and most easily obtained sources are oranges and other citrus fruits, green peppers or capsicums and green leafy vegetables preferably eaten raw. Tomatoes are an other excellent food with a high vitamin C content.

One of the greatest difficulties with this vitamin is the loss which results during cooking and when the food is kept for any length of time after picking. Among the vegetables, potatoes are useful because they are a fairly rich source and lose very little vitamin on cooking, but with most other vegetables the loss of the vitamin is proportional to the time of cooking and standing.

So make it your rule to prepare your vegetables immediately prior to cooking, cook for the shortest possible time in the smallest amount of water and serve as soon as they are tender enough to eat.

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