The Best Way to Cleanse Your Face

In our daily life, we use a variety of cosmetic products. We wake up with a coffee, say hello to sunscreen lotion prior leaving and wear a lot of makeup underneath. Somewhere in the hurry to look charismatic we forget taking care of our face, the true base to build pillars of beauty.

The Best Way to Cleanse Your Face


Well, when you apply a face cream or lotion, it blocks your skin pores. In terms of simple science, your skin cuts off the direct intake of oxygen for the period of time. To help the skin rejuvenate, it is necessary to clean off the makeup and give your skin a natural exposure. In this article, I will guide you to make you aware with the more productive process of cleansing your face.

Cleanse, rinse and dry!

The face swimming technique works, says Isabelle Bellis, a renowned epidemiologist from the New York City. Explaining this, either wash off your face with normal water or, if you have already a damp skin, you are ready to go. Take out the cleansing liquid to your fingertips and apply it over your face.

Start at the corners of your mouth, sail your fingertips up over your nose to your forehead and then around the eyes followed by cheeks and down to your chin. The optimal duration should be around 2 minutes to completely get rid of dirt and excess oil. After this, pour lukewarm water to rinse it off. Later, gently pat your skin with a clean and dry face towel.

Repeat it in a more productive manner

Now there are a bunch of people who do not get a sparkling skin back after single cleansing. They do rewash it. However, there is no major con of reapplying the cleansing lotion to your face but, I believe you can be a little more productive. If you feel you have an oily and sweaty skin, this method would surely work for you.

In the first wash, you can consider applying some olive oil, or an oil based cleanser to your face. Go with the same procedure of proper cleansing specified above. Now, for the round up cleaning, get a skin type cleansing product (Given the fact that everyone has different skin) and apply to clean off sweat and germs present on your skin. It is to be noted that, while applying olive oil you need not to use makeup remover.

Using a quality Trimmer

Always use an ideal technique while choosing a product. For men, keeping enlarged beards can be unhygienic as it is tough to maintain and the skin beneath remains untidy. As mentioned in the ShopTrimmers’ best beard trimmer picking guide, one should keep a maintained stubble, in case you can’t sport a complete clean look.

Having said that, it is always optimum to cut your beard short and clean it more often. You may try some beard shampoos and oils that would help your beard look shiny and well-maintained.

Summing this Up

Well, before ending this up, I would like to pen down some important points that would help you catch this guide quickly. Thus, the face cleansing procedure includes:

  • Cleaning your face that include washing your face off with good quality cleansing gel
  • Rinsing it thoroughly so as to extract the excessive oils in the skin pores
  • Patting your face wet with a soft towel
  • Repeating it up, in case your face is much oily
  • Using a good quality beard trimmer so as to maintain your skin health.

I hope this guide has helped you acquiring the right way to cleanse your face. Before leaving, I have got an additional tip for you. In case if you are a fan of facial wipes, make sure you pick one for the “sensitive skin” prototype. This would not just protect your skin of extra rubs but also store moisture on your face. In case you have any questions regarding this article, feel free to use the comment box below.

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