Re-energise Your Skin With These Natural Tips

We’re getting through February now, which means many of us are either well into our New Year’s detox health kicks, or maybe dropped out altogether.

Re-energise Your Skin With These Natural Tips


When you think about a detox or new diet, it’s normally with the aim of shedding a pound or two. Through all the alcohol and calorific food that we consume towards the end of the year, you tend to get that really sluggish feeling towards the end of the month and a burning desire to reverse the weight gain.

What most of us don’t tend to consider is the impact that poor nutrition and excess alcohol can have on our bodies besides piling on the pounds. Specifically, I’m talking about the impact that it has on your skin.

Traditional remedies for skin care can help bring your skin back to full health, but skin care isn’t just about what you put on your skin, it’s also what you put in your body.

An unbalanced diet can have a negative impact on the biological balance of your skin, reducing its natural colour and radiance. So, over indulgence can really effect how your skin looks and feels.

I’ve put together this list of tips, natural foods, remedies and skincare treatments that can help restore your skin back to its true, wonderful glory:

1. Fresh Carrot, Apple & Ginger Juice

This is a juice packed with plenty of the vitamins that will boost your energy and cleanse your digestive system. Start each day on this for a week or so and you’ll really notice how much better you start to feel in the mornings.

The carrots provide plenty of vitamin A, apples help lower cholesterol and the ginger aids digestion. It’s also really easy to prepare. There are plenty of recipes available online, just search for carrot, apple, ginger juice.

2. A Green Starter

Before you panic, this isn’t a meal to replace your main, more a light starter to pack a bit more goodness into your day.

Get a large bowl and pack it full of organic mixed leaves with a squeeze of lemon, 1 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil and a sprinkle of yeast flakes and wheat germ. The longer you can keep this starter going as your daily dinnertime routine, the better.

The mixed leaves are high in fiber and provide folic acid and vitamin C, the vitamins in lemon juice can help bring a healthy glow to your skin, yeast flakes are a great source of vitamin B and the wheat germ provides vitamin E and antioxidants.

3. Take a Break from Caffeine

I’m not going to tell you that you need to cut out every food and drink that you love in life, but taking a break from certain food groups can help you clear your body of any nasty’s.

If you drink a lot of coffee, a break can not only improve the energy levels that you experience throughout the day, but it can also improve and enhance the positive effects coffee has on your work output as a stimulant in the long run. Swap coffee and tea with nettle, burdock or ginger tea will gently detox.

4. An Evening Soak

A nice warm evening bath with a handful of Himalayan pink salt will not only help you relax before bed, but it’ll also detoxify the body and improve skin hydration.

5. A Natural Skin Routine

A morning and evening routine of cleansing, toning and moisturising is essential for healthy, glowing skin. Unfortunately with the hustle and bustle of daily life, many of us skip a session or stage in the routine. If you don’t currently use this kind of routine, it’s a great habit to get into.

Cleansing and exfoliation can purify and cleanse your pores, enabling your skin’s cells to regenerate and prepare a more receptive base for other beauty products to work on. A toner will freshen your skin whilst the moisturiser will nourish and protect.

6. Don’t forget your lips

So often the lips are left behind when it comes to skin care. As with the rest of you body, your lips will suffer the lifeless, grey after effects of a festive rich food bonanza. Also, as they only have one thin layer of skin to protect them, any lack of care and attention will quickly leave them dehydrated, and with the cold weather this time of year, cracked too.

When it comes to protection, lip balms are great, but take care when choosing your balm as not only are some mainstream products designed more as a cosmetic than a skincare, but they can also cause further dehydration. Look for a natural balm, or even try making your own. This lip balm recipe with marigold and rose will do the trick and smell beautiful too.

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