Essential Natural Oils For Restoring Dry Skin

For those who suffer from a dry skin, the following oils are suggested:

1. Warm olive oil for a dry skin

Warm Olive Oil For A Dry Skin

  • To help a dry skin, massage some warm olive oil well into it every night for a week.
  • Then for the next week, massage with a good skin cream. Then oil again the following week and so on.
  • By doing this, all fear of sending the skin sallow will be avoided, and much of the dryness checked.

2. Almond oil for restoring dry skin

almond oil for restoring dry skin

  • Each night, after cleaning the face thoroughly, apply the almond oil.
  • Make it a regular nightly habit to nourish your skin and you will find the natural oils, which are dried out by sun and wind, will be replaced.
  • About twice a week, it is  a good idea to give yourself a nourishing mask.
  • The mask is made from a quarter of an egg yolk mixed with a teaspoonful of almond oil. This will make a thick mixture and should be thinned down to the consistency of mayonnaise with ripe, sweet fruit Juice.
  • Remove all makeup from your face, then apply the mixture thinly over the face. It is a good idea to lie down for 20 to 30 minutes  after the mixture has been applied. Once it begins to dry, start removing it with warm water and then dry the face with a soft towel. Now pat in pure almond oil and let the skin absorb it.
  • This mask is best applied at night so that you can pat the oil in before retiring. However, if you have time during the day, it could be done then. In either case, DO NOT apply the mask more than twice a week.

3. Rosewater for a delightful skin

Rosewater for a lovely skin

  • To keep the skin in a perfectly healthy condition, a daily bath of warm water is absolutely necessary. It is a good plan to dampen the entire body with a sponge and dry briskly with a rough towel every night just before retiring.
  • This soothes and induces a sound, restful, invigorating sleep, from which one wakes refreshed. Those who desire to obtain a fine, healthy-looking skin and clear complexion should not eat much meat, pastry or sweets, but plenty of fruit, vegetables, and salad.
  • Tomatoes are excellent either cooked or uncooked; leeks, carrots, and spinach are also good. It is no new fancy that green vegetables are the best purifiers.
  • A dilution of Rosewater is delightful for those who like the scent of roses.

4. Coconut oil as a skin tonic

Coconut oil as a skin tonic

  • A simple mixture of one part of glycerin and six parts of coconut oil makes a suitable application to rub all over the body.
  • The treatments are very simple.  At night before retiring, smooths coconut oil over the face, massaging it in a circular, upward motion.

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