12 Simple Tips For The Skin You Love

A clear, glowing skin is any girls best asset, but it needs concentrated care. The glow comes from within — the result of good eating habits and plenty of sleep.

The way you look after your skin depends entirely on the type of skin you have. Some like to use soap and water, others prefer lotions and creams.

Here is a simple formula for the care of the three main types of skin:

1. Oily Skin

Symptoms — A shiny nose, open pores, perhaps blackheads and pimples.

The best care for oily skin is a vigorous washing program three times a day with hot water and lots of soap.

Take time off to let your face feel the sun as often as possible. Use a liquefying cream to dislodge ingrained dirt, and all the lotions you use should have an astringent base.

Quick Tips:

  1. For cleansing, use soap, liquid cleansing cream, or lotion.
  2. Skin-freshener, clear astringent, and skin lotions are important to help contract open pores.
  3. Makeup lotion, liquid powder, and sometimes pancake foundation are best for this skin.
  4. Use dry rouge over powder.

2. Dry Skin

Symptoms — Feels as if it’s stretched tight, sometimes peels, looks dull and lifeless.

Best routine for dry skin is to cleanse the skin two or three times a day with any vegetable oil.

At night, wash with warm water, using no soap, and follow with vigorous rinsing. Use a rich lubricating cream once every day, leaving it on for 10 minutes or so — never overnight.

Quick Tips:

  1. For cleansing — a rich Lanolin cream, either cleansing or cold type.
  2. Wash with rainwater or very soft water, and if you want to use soap make sure it’s a bland one. Follow this by thorough cold-water rinsing.
  3. Use a little extra lubricating cream on the forehead, around the eyes, and at the corners of the mouth to smooth the lines there.
  4. Apply cream rouge over a cream foundation and under the face powder for an extra complexion highlight.

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3. Normal Skin

This is clean and clear. Feels good looks lovely.

The problem is to keep it that way. Wash once a day with warm water, followed by a cold-water rinse. Cream once a day with a “normal” skin cream, leaving it on for ten minutes and not overnight.

Quick Tips:

  1. Lucky owner of a normal skin can use any beauty preparation she likes — concentrate on finding the one that suits you most.
  2. Soft cleansing and cold creams are best for cleaning the normal skin.
  3. After removing the cream, a toning lotion in the form of a mild skin-freshener is an excellent circulation stimulator.
  4. Vary the foundations — cream, cake, or liquid — from time to time.

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