Skin Care That Makes You Look Younger

Skin Care That Makes You Look Younger

PREVENTION is better than cure, so treat your skin right when you’re young. This may sound cliche, but the fact is, not enough people live by these words.

Face — Many people do not know the proper way to clean their skin, from choosing the right cleanser to the actual washing

  1. Gel cleansers work best for oily skin while cream cleansers work for dry or sensitive skin.
  2. Always be gentle. Don’t scrub your skin with a wash cloth.
  3. Avoid scrub beads with sharp edges.
  4. If you have sensitive skin, wait 10 minutes after washing before you apply anything to your skin as it is very permeable just after a wash and too much of the applied product will get in.
  5. People with sensitive skin should approach new products with caution. Test products first on the outer corner of your eyes, just next to the hairline. That area is one of the most sensitive and it can easily be covered if any allergic reactions occur.

Lips — This is one of the most underrated areas when it comes to skin care. Most people are more concerned about the eyes because age shows there first when wrinkles appear.

But wrinkles around the eyes do not really make one look old. It is when your lips start to age and wrinkle that you start looking old. Lips are very delicate and subject to environmental damage, so start paying more attention to them.

  1. Moisturize your lips regularly.
  2. Use products with SPF (sun protection factor).

Eyes — It is important to use the right product. There are two types of eye care products.

  1. One type helps to strengthen the skin around the eyes while the other treats puffiness or dark circles.
  2. The second type should be used only if your skin is healthy. Strengthen the barrier function of the skin around your eyes before treating them further.
  3. Avoid getting eye products into your eyes.
  4. Never apply any products on your eyelids because they are very vascular and things go through the lids very quickly.
  5. Apply products by patting gently under your eyes. It will help disperse the lymph fluid built up around the eye area.

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