Fatherhood 101 – How to Raise a Masculine Man

It goes without saying that fathers and sons ought to spend as much time as possible together especially in a day and age when the internet is being viewed as a credible source of information by hapless inquisitive teenagers. For instance, in 2017, your son might “accidentally” stumble upon things that ordinarily took you decades to discover – such as sex and drugs – by virtue of just mindlessly surfing the web. There are no prizes for guessing the impact that this kind of information overload might have on a young mind without proper instruction and mentorship.

How to Raise a Masculine Man

Similarly, it is the father’s duty to impart simple lessons that aid a young man’s social development and masculinity, be it how to lift weights correctly or approach girls. Also, bearing in mind that the fashion industry has undergone some monumental changes in the past two decades, it is also important to teach your son the art of appropriate and presentable dressing.

Below, here a quick list of the things every father should teach his son in preparation for a successful masculine frame life in his later adult life.

1. How to Stay Fit for the Rest of His Life

Stay Fit

Of all things that you can teach your son, this has got to be one of the most important and consequential. Reason being, a man’s masculine confidence, which incidentally always spills to other areas of this life, is primarily pegged on how good he feels about himself. And a confident man is a strong man – both financially and physically.

So, teach your son how to lift weights and train like a man as early as his early teens. Let him join a masculine competitive sport such as rugby, basketball or soccer, and watch how successful he will be as an adult.

2. How to Manage his Money

Saving Money

In a world that it wholly run by fiat currency, a man’s success is pegged on how well he talks the money language. Whether we like it or not, money has a god-like power on earth and how good you’re with money is directly proportional to the kind of life you will lead.

In line with this, there are three things that every father should teach their sons as early as possible in life; how to earn money legally and profitably, how to spend it responsibly and, finally, how to save, invest and multiply his hard-earned money.

Looking back, these valuable lessons on financial responsibility and literacy are some of the things a few of us wish someone could teach us as early as 10.

3. How to fight and why he Shouldn’t

How To Fight

Violence will never be the best option to resolve any dispute, but there are instances where your son will need to defend himself or his younger brother/sister. Teaching your kid self-defense basics not only boosts his self-esteem but also gives him the chance to survive a fight in case he finds himself in one.

However, it is equally important to teach your son that no-one wins in a fight. Injury, prosecution, and death are all possible outcomes of a physical duel in the real world, and the real winner is usually the person who turns the other cheek or walks away. That being said, he ought to make the choice of walking away from a fight from a position of strength and not cowardice.

4. Proper Condom Use


Truth be told, it is hard to control the things our sons come across these days especially in a world that revolves around Internet use. As such, modern generations are becoming sexually active at a very tender age. Gone are the days when fathers and sons couldn’t sit down and talk about issues related to sex.

Should you notice that your son is sexually active, you should be as vocal about proper condom use as you are about abstinence. Your son will uphold these values and reduce his chances of contracting a deadly disease or becoming a father at an early age.

5. How to Drive and Ride Safely

How To Drive

Safe driving requires discipline and a lot of concentration. This is a small feat for adults – we know better. However, young boys being naturally adventurous, they will tend to dabble in dangerous and reckless driving especially in the absence of a mentoring hand of a masculine man. But this is not to say that you should forbid him from touching your car. On the contrary, let your son drive through snow, fog, the night, rain, and highways (under supervision) to understand driving under different conditions.

The more time they spend with you learning how to drive and watching you do it, the more receptive they will be to your advice. Also, be sure to run hard facts by them such as the prevalence of accidents while with friends or under the influence of alcohol.

The same applies to teaching him how to ride and balance a bike as soon as he turns five. In fact, balancing is not the only thing a father should teach their sons as far as bike riding goes; they should also learn how to take care of them at an early age. Helping your child take proper care of newest possession even as he learns how to use it is the first lesson of personal responsibility they will pick up from you.

Final Thought

Apart from the five tips mentioned above, every father should also teach his son how to deal with anger and how best to console a grieving person. The lessons a father can teach his son are more valuable than any lesson he can learn on his own. As the man of the house, it is a parent’s responsibility to bring out the best man in every son.

AuthorMegan P. Richardson is a mother of 3 lovely kids and the founder of Kudkid. She created this blog as a gift to her kids. Kudkid is concentrated on discussing about fitness, style, health, recipes and savvy mom advice and sharing them to help you through pregnancy, birth and raising your kids.

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