Nutritional Value Of Salad Leaves

Nutritional Value Of Salad Leaves

Strawberry & Apple Salad

A salad of some kind should be served daily all the year round with either hot or cold dishes.

Shredded Brussels sprouts or raw young cabbage served with a good dressing can be delicious. Watercress, mustard and cress and parsley all rank very high in Vitamin C value.

Sources Of Vitamin C
The following vegetables which are rich in Vitamin C:
Silver BeetLeeks
Brussels SproutsParsnips

Although salads help to tone up the body and give a general sense of well-being, their value as a source of Vitamin C may easily be exaggerated, as raw vegetables are very bulky.

A large helping of salad may contain less vitamin in proportion than a smaller helping of well-cooked vegetable. There are some losses too in the shredding of vegetables for salad, and these are increased if they are prepared too soon and left standing.

The daily salad should be supplemented with plenty of well-cooked vegetables and potatoes, to make sure that enough Vitamin C is included in the diet for that extra sparkle of health and vitality gained from a diet which is more than just adequate.

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