Health Benefits Of Coffee Bean

Fresh coffee beans are the seeds of the coffee plants, and become a major export product of some developing nations.

The two most well-known of coffee beans are the Arabica and the Robusta beans. 75-80% of the coffee produced worldwide is Arabica and 20% is Robusta.

The roasted bean → coffee shops, retailers and homes → grinding → brewing → drinking.

health benefits of coffee

How Coffee is made

Health benefits of drinking coffee

  • Coffee can make you feel happier and less stressed.
  • Coffee makes you more concentrated, calmer, and smarter.
  • The caffeine in coffee improves your performance in fitness and sports activities.
  • Coffee contains a decent amount of vitamins and minerals.
  • Coffee can reduce your risk of type II diabetes, symptoms of Parkinson and Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Coffee can lower risk of some types of cancer.
  • Coffee has been shown to slow down the aging process and help you live longer.

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