Fruit Juice And Vegetable Juice

Fruit Juice And Vegetable Juice

Fruit and vegetable juices have been widely used in America for some time, and they are becoming more popular all over the world. Now some juices are valuable foods, but others don’t possess all the virtues that are claimed for them.

Freshly squeezed fruit juices are well worth using. Orange, grapefruit and lemon juice are rich in vitamin C, the vitamin needed for growth and healthy tissues. Pineapple and tomato juice also provide vitamin C about half as much as orange juice.

Grape juice and apple juice do not contain much vitamin C, but they provide some minerals, and they make refreshing drinks. A glass of oranges grapefruits, pineapple or tomato juice makes an excellent appetizer before meals, as they freshen the mouth and stimulate the gastric juices.

Tinned Juices Are Good Value

Most of these fruit juices are available in tins. These tinned juices are very useful when the fresh fruits are not available. Tinned orange and grape fruit juice, like the fresh fruits, are the richest in vitamin C, with pineapple and tomato juice the next best.

To avoid vitamin loss the tins should be kept in a cold place. When the juice is kept for a long time it gradually loses much of its vitamin C and develops a bitter flavor.

If you are not going to use up a whole tin at once, it is quite safe to leave some of the juice in the tin. Make two holes in the tin and pour the juice out as required, and keep the tin in the ice chest or refrigerator.

Vegetable Juice

So much for fruit juices. Now let’s talk about vegetable juices. At present there is quite a vogue for drinking raw vegetable juices which are supposed to have wonderful health-giving powers.

Now, when fruits are crushed or squeezed the juice is easily extracted. There is very little wastage in squeezing fruits because they do not nave much fiber and most of the food value is contained in the juice.

But vegetables are different. The fibers of vegetables are coarser and firmer, and not easily crushed, and when the vegetable juice is extracted a good deal of the valuable part is left behind with the fibers. These substances left behind and the fiber itself are just as important for health as the juice.

Salads and cocked vegetables will give us the same nutrients that we could get from vegetable juices, with much less bother and expense. To sum up—fruit juices are well worth using, but vegetable juices are not so valuable as the solid vegetable.

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