Flying isn’t enjoyable to all people, and it is normal to find a person falling sick during or after a flight. The flying conditions usually reduced oxygen and humidity and, at high altitude, can result in people getting unwell. Also, airplanes can harbor germs, making them unsafe for numerous people.

With the ongoing spread of the coronavirus around the world, the chances of falling sick are high. However, various ways can ensure you significantly reduce these chances. This article will detail some of the ways you can keep you and your family safe while on a plane.

The following tips will help you stay healthy while on a plane. They will also ensure that you have a shorter recovery time after a long flight.

  1. Getting plenty of rest before the flight

    The time spent on the plane will see that your body faces germs and other challenges, and it can only be better when you are prepared. One of the best ways to ensure that your immunity will be performing at optimal condition is by having enough rest before the flight. This will help in keeping you in peak condition for the entirety of your trip.

  2. Choosing the best seat for your needs

    Not all seats are equal when it comes to traveling on an airplane. Window seats usually have fewer germs compared to aisle seats. Therefore, if you are looking at staying healthy during your flight, a window seat can prove to be useful.

    Also, avoid seats that are near the back and around the lavatories. Places near the bathroom usually see people frequently pass and crowd the area. People who regularly visit the bathroom may already be sick, and staying close to them increases the risk of catching a virus or bacteria.

  3. Be the last to board

    Boarding the last is advantageous as it reduces the amount of time you will spend on the plane. If compressed airplane air makes you sick, then decreasing the contact time will help you stay healthy during the flight. You can utilize the last few hours on purchasing a bottle of water and food that you want to bring on the plane.

  4. Use hand sanitizer regularly

    Before boarding always ensure, to bring hand sanitizer and use it at every available opportunity. It will help you avoid getting viruses from the surfaces you happen to touch while on the plane. Since you will not be able to keep track of the surfaces you touch, the frequent sanitizing will help keep you safe.

  5. Avoid touching your face, mouth, and eyes

    Even with frequent use of your hand sanitizer, avoid touching your face, eyes, and mouth. Some viruses such as corona get into your system through these areas. Therefore, it is critical to keep away from touching these vital areas to avoid catching known and unknown diseases.

  6. Drinking plenty of fluids

    The humidity levels while on a plane can be as low as 20%. This causes dehydration while on the flight, making you prone to bacteria and viruses. The best way to keep hydrated is by drinking plenty of fluids while on the plane. Water, juices, and herbal tea can be great choices to keep you hydrated.

    You can buy water just before boarding and avoid refilling from taps on the plane. The water may be contaminated with bacteria and viruses. Beverages to avoid are the ones that can cause dehydration. Therefore, keep away from alcohol, coffee, and sodas.

  7. Eating well before boarding the flight

    people who fly a lot can attest to the fact that it is eating well before a trip, and fasting while on the plane helps one stay healthy. Eat healthy foods avoiding starchy and sugary foods. Maximize on vegetables and fruits that provide essential vitamins and minerals. You can also bring your food on the flight if you must eat and are looking to avoid processed airplane meals.

    Also, avoid foods that can give you gas such as onions, cabbage, chickpeas, beans, and corn. You want to be every bit comfortable during your flight. Eat lightly while on the plane as the reduced metabolism ensures that your immune system remains on peak condition

  8. Always switch on the air circulation to keep away dust particles

    Even if you might feel cold while on the flight, don’t turn off the air circulation. It is strategically placed above your head to keep the air you free of bacteria that cause airborne diseases such as tuberculosis. You will, therefore, be able to avoid bacteria and viruses in the air, and stay healthy throughout the flight.

  9. Move around when the plane is on the air

    During the flight, you can ensure you stay healthy on the plane by frequently moving around the aircraft. Book for an aisle seat as this will make it easy to walk up and down the aisle. And since you will be taking in plenty of water, you will get ample time to walk to the bathroom and back on your seat. Ensure you stand and stretch at least once every hour. You will be able to improve your blood circulation by engaging your body. Numerous exercises such as rotating your ankles, lifting your calfs and muscle stretches will help keep your body in optimal condition.

  10. Wearing a surgical mask

    If you have a weak immune system, it is imperative to wear a surgical mask. It will help reduce the chances of catching bacteria and viruses that may be present in the airplane air. Enclosed spaces like an airplane, are breeding grounds for bacteria and viruses. A mask will protect you from these disease-causing pathogens. You will also not infect others on the plane if you have been sick before your flight. Ensure utmost hygiene when putting on the mask. Use hand sanitizer before putting on the mask. Use the ear loops when removing your mask. This will ensure you don’t infect your eyes and nose when handling the mask. It will help you prevent getting infected with viruses such as Covid-19.

The above tips will help ensure that you stay healthy while on the plane if you are planning on traveling soon. Maximum preparation before the flight will increase your comfort while flying and help you fight disease and illness.


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