Maintaining a healthy practice has different challenges when you are away from home. The majority of hotels serve slices of bread, fresh fries, tasteless salads and pastries. These types of food might sabotage your healthy diet. To avoid making meal mistakes, we have discussed some of the essential guides that will help you when staying in the Hotel.

Have a plan

Planning before visiting the Hotel not only helps in saving in terms of budget but also allow you to determine the type of food to carry and the quantity. Select a hotel that offers healthy meals such as oats, vegetables, fruits, yams, sweet potatoes and beans. Currently, most of the hotels serve meals that are free from fats, calories, dairies, sugar and with a lot of fibers. In case you find yourself in hotels that provide non-healthy food, let them know about your special diet and how they will help you curb it during your stay.

You can also request for a cooking space .if the hotel agrees to offers you a kitchen you can carry your items to prepare your food. The items include instant pot and crackpot that can prepare enough meal for dinner or lunch.

Ask your Room Service to only Store the Type of Food that you need in Your Room.

After informing the Hotel about your diet, request them to remove all the snacks, sodas, and other non-healthy foodstuffs from your room and stock healthy food such as fruits and raw vegetables in the fridge. Keep the different type of non-perishable foods in drawers.

Ask for a Microwave and refrigerator.

Although some of the hotels will ask you for extra charges for using their microwave and refrigerator, you will save a lot in terms of money and also enjoys a healthy meal. They help in food storage, heating and steaming.

A microwave

At the front desk, when checking in the Hotel, ask them if the room you booked has a microwave or how they can provide you with one. If the room has no microwave, you can use the one in the breakfast dining or lobby. You can use a microwave to heat beans and starch food or steam vegetables.

A refrigerator

Place all the perishable foods like spinach, grain bread, almond milk, eggs and fruits in the refrigerator. In case you do not find a fridge, you can use a foam cooler with ice cube. Keep the remaining non-perishable food such as nuts, whole grain pasta and dried fruits in cabinets or drawers. You can also carry a portable blender for blending fresh juice.

Pack your food in Mason jars

If you plan to stay in a hotel, you can carry enough foodstuffs from home. You can use the mason jars to pack foods such as smoothies, salads and soup. After packing the food in the mason jars seal them with a plastic bag. You can also carry a coffee pot or a kettle.

Visit the nearest Store

Before going out to shop you should do some research about the nearby food stores and ensure they offer healthy foodstuffs. You can visit the nearest grocery to purchase for healthy foods or organic products that can sustain you throughout your stay. Buy fresh fruits such as bananas, ripe and unripe avocados, dried fruits, protein bars, and unsweetened almond milk healthy snacks like nuts, cherry tomatoes, cheese, microwave bacon, baby carrots and frozen shrimp and vegetables. Use reusable packing bags to store the food.

Purchase Enough Drinking Water

Water is necessary for all the body parts. Some hotels overprice their water or provide less drinking water. The majority of people consumes less and for those who want enough must dig dip in their pocket. When shopping for food also buy enough drinking water. You can also come with reusable water containers for storing water.

Prepare enough food once for two meals

Cook enough meal rich in all the nutrients for both dinner and lunch. It helps you save on both time and money. Mix all your favorite foods, for instance, for starch you can take corns, brown rice, yams, or sweet potatoes. Add beans such as kidney or chickpeas and vegetables like the kales, spinach or cauliflowers. After consuming the meal, take a snack.

Choose Meals you can easily make in a Hotel.

When purchasing for organic food products, pick meals you can easily prepare in a hotel using a microwave or a mini-fridge provided. For breakfast, you can soak oat and flaxseed mix with almond oil and a banana to sweeten in a fridge for close to an hour. For dinner and lunch, you can go for vegetables such as kales, tomatoes or spinach and healthy starch like brown rice. Also, prepare soup from the vegetable broth.

Order specific type of Healthy foods prepared by the Hotel.

You can negotiate with the Hotel the type of healthy food you prefer to take during your stay, whether at an extra fee or not. Instead of ordering meals such as bread, fresh fries or eggs with toast, choose healthy food, for instance, you can select vegetables like cauliflower, beans or starch such as sweet potatoes, brown rice or yams. You can also take advantage of the breakfast buffet and serve healthy meals.

The right time for Eating

Take your dinner 3 hours earlier before going to bed. The majority of foods are rich in starch that produces more energy. Your body does not require that energy when sleeping. You should also grab a fruit during breakfast. You can also divide your meals, especially breakfast and lunch into two. Take half of your time eating and the other half for doing exercise.


Living in hotels sometimes sound like a death sentence, especially when you want to maintain your diet. In the majority of hotels, some of the foods offered are non-healthy. You have no choice but to consume them. If you follow the simple ideas that we have discussed above, they will help you to avoid joining free buffet and consuming non-healthy foods and start taking high-quality nutritious food in hotels.

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