What Is Grape Seed Extract Good For

uses for grape seed oil

Uses for grape seed oil

Although we need oxygen to survive, unfortunately the abundance of toxins in our lives cause our bodies to create oxygen molecules called “free radicals” which interfere with normal cell growth and can play havoc on healthy cells.

Left unchecked, the cellular changes may contribute to different forms of cancer, arthritis, strokes, cataracts, heart disease and many disorders commonly called degenerative diseases. Studies show that radicals attack, damage, and ultimately destroy almost any material, resulting in damaged organs, lost or lessened vision and a myriad of maladies.

Some reports suggest that free radicals can attack, damage or alter DNA, cause cells to die or mutate and possibly become cancerous. Free radicals may be involved in cancers of the lungs, cervix, skin, stomach, prostate, colon and oesophagus.

Free radicals also attack blood fats which may lead to heart and blood vessel disease. Antioxidants can prevent the formation of free radicals. Major antioxidants include vitamin C and E, carotenoids such as beta-carotene and lycopene, selenium, zinc, manganese, and coenzyme glutathione, an amino acid.

Antioxidant vitamins such as A, C, E and Beta Carotene are important parts of the cell protection systems. This is because they neutralize free radicals that can cause cellular damage. Grape Seed neutralizes free radicals.

Leading authorities have identified grape seed to be the most powerful of all antioxidants and is said to be 20 times more powerful than vitamin C and 50 times more powerful than vitamin E and this is what makes it the most potent antioxidant we know of.

Recommended dosage: Grape seed 6000mg twice daily.

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