Stinging Nettle Relief

Stinging Nettle Leaf Benefits

Stinging Nettle Leaf Benefits

Every part of the stinging nettle has valuable medicinal properties.

It is a nutritive herb rich in vitamins, high in iron, calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium. The juice of the nettle is the antidote for its own sting and once infused in hot water, the sting of the nettle is rendered inactive.

Health Benefits Of Stinging Nettle Herb

It is the best blood cleansing herb known to herbalists and recommended strongly in the treatment of acne and eczema. With its high iron content, it is also the best blood building herb and very beneficial in cases of anemia and other blood disorders. Together with other herbs it has been used with success in the battle against leukemia.

People suffering from allergies, including hay fever, should take stinging nettle. It diminishes susceptibility to colds and helps in cases of gout and rheumatism. As an antihemorrhagic it will stop bleeding from lungs, intestines, nose, stomach and urinary organs.

It is a helpful remedy for ailments in the urinary tract and will expel gravel from the bladder and increase the flow of urine. As an astringent it is used for blood in the urine, hemorrhoids and excessive menstrual flow and is very useful for people with low blood pressure and lack of good arterial flow.

Nettle has long been known to stimulate circulation and because of that property, has been used as a remedy for baldness. Freshly picked stinging nettle is good for sciatica, lumbago and neuritis. If used fresh in salads it is an excellent blood purifier and an ideal spring treatment. For acne, one liter of stinging nettle tea should be sipped throughout the day.

Recommended dosage: Stinging nettle 3000 mg three times daily.

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