Herbal Remedies For Hair Loss Prevention

Very few people are satisfied with what hair they’ve got. It’s either too little or too much or it grows in all the wrong places.

 Herbal Remedies For Hair Loss Prevention

Now, before we learn how to look after hair, it is important to understand what hair is. As unromantic as it sounds, hair is a structure of dead cells. What we wash, what we preen, what we wear so proudly as our crowning glory is a mass of dead cells! As are our nails and our most outer layer of skin.

Normal hair grows from the follicle at the rate of about one centimeter a month and each hair has a natural life span of up to five years. When a hair falls out it is pushed out by a new one growing from the same root follicle.

Bad health and faulty circulation conspire to constrict blood capillaries in the scalp which restricts blood supply to the hair roots. When this happens falling hair is replaced by weaker hair or not replaced at all.

And yes, there is something you can do about it. For thousands of years, men and women with this problem have turned to herbs for the answer, and there are four main herbs which fall into this category.

Natural Remedies For Hair Loss And Hair Growth

  1. The first, and most powerful, is the stinging nettle which along with the stinging nettle roots, promotes hair growth by stimulating the hair roots.
  2. The second is rosemary, which has been more commonly recognized as a hair restorer and conditioner. Rosemary massaged into the scalp has long had a reputation as a substance which prevents premature baldness.
  3. The third is birch, which was used by the Red Indians as a scalp cleanser and hair stimulant. Birch is a common ingredient in pharmaceutically-based hair restoration recipes.
  4. The final ingredient is walnut. which not only help strengthen hair, reduce hair fall but also has a wonderful curative effect on skin diseases.

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