Thyme Gives Smokers Time

If you’re a smoker and you’re looking for a herb which counters the effect of this dreadful habit, turn to thyme.

Thyme Gives Smokers Time

There’s no substitute for actually giving up smoking, but if you’re like a lot of people I know, including members of my own family, who would rather die than give up smoking, then at least thyme will combat the inevitable congestion when it starts to clog up your lungs.

Natural Remedy For Smokers Lungs

Thyme’s primary medicinal function is as an expectorant, which means it promotes spitting, and heavy smokers need to do a lot of spitting as their bodies desperately try to get rid of the build up that comes with years of smoking.

Because I believe smokers have a very strong death wish and will not do much to help themselves until they give up smoking, I direct this recipe to people who love someone who smokes and wants to increase their chances of living to a healthy old age.

Take 30g of thyme and mix it with 15g liquorice root, 15g fennel, 20g plantain and 30g Iceland moss. Make a hot infusion from the mixture and drink the concoction three times a day.

That recipe is good for any person with bronchial disorders irrespective of how the condition was contracted, because the body’s natural defences, when fighting bronchial disorders is to spit.

Medicinal Properties And Health Benefits Of Thyme Herb

In Germany, where they have a huge herbal industry, and consequently most of the herbal research and breakthroughs occur, they are currently working on thyme as a possible cancer cure. The literature coming out of the country indicates initial tests are very encouraging.

Thyme has long been used as a meat preserver and antiseptic and while every cook knows the value of thyme, not everybody realizes that the very popular mouth wash and gargling agent Listerine, uses thyme’s active agent thymol as the antiseptic component of the product.

People who use their voices professionally, such as singers, actors, teachers and so on, are well versed in the value of gargling with thyme tea, both for relieving sore throats and avoiding contracting any infection which might be running rampant through the cast or school.

Thyme works for these professionals by envigorating their respiratory system, and helping to clear mucous congestion for the lungs and bronchial passages. Thyme is a good tonic for stomach problems such as flatulence, gastritis, stomach cramps and painful menstruation.

Its nervine properties also make it useful in combating convulsive coughs and other nervous complaints. A pillow filled with thyme can be warmed and applied to the abdominal region or to any part of the body which has suffered a contusion or is swollen as a result of a knock.

Thyme oil is particularly potent and has been used to battle paralysis, strokes, rheumatism, muscular atrophy and sprains. Thyme is also a recommended remedy for alcoholism while thyme syrup is very tasty and supposed to counter colds.

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