What They Never Told You About Achieving and Maintaining a Lean Body

Imagine strolling around the beach not having to worry about loose skin, love handles and cellulite. Wouldn’t it be liberating? Wearing whatever you want and looking great in it will greatly boost your confidence levels.

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Lean bodies are in style and everyone is trying their best to get in line. A lean physique has vast benefits but a factor that should motivate you the most is the better health that comes with it. Getting rid of excess body fat will eliminate chances of diseases hence enabling you to enjoy the quality of life. There are various ways to shed off body fat and tone your muscles.

Incorporate Fiber In Your Diet

The first rule to weight loss is a controlled diet paired up with some healthy food choices. Everyone knows that they shouldn’t indulge in cakes and chocolates so let’s dive into the important stuff. Although a carbohydrate, fiber is considered the ultimate diet friendly nutrient mainly because the body is unable to break it down and use it as glucose. There are two types of fiber that are beneficial to your body; soluble and insoluble fiber.

(a) Soluble fiber is especially helpful to people who have trouble controlling their portions and those that have high blood cholesterol. Soluble fiber attracts water then forms a gel-like substance. This slows down digestion hence filling you faster and for longer. Soluble fiber also interferes with the absorption of dietary cholesterol. This aids the body to get rid of it hence reducing the level of blood cholesterol.

(b) Insoluble fiber is the fiber that promotes proper and regular bowel movement. It leads to a healthy digestive system. It also reduces stomach upsets, bloating and aches.

An adequate amount of fiber in your body will also slow down the release of carbohydrates hence a slow and steady supply of glucose in the blood stream. Low fiber foods such as white bread and cakes digest fast hence increased spikes of insulin. Sources of high fiber foods include; sweet potatoes, arrow roots, black beans, berries, broccoli, and yams.

Eating broccoli will fill you up faster and it contains fewer calories. For instance, eating a cup of broccoli only amounts to 40 calories plus 10 grams of carbohydrates. Note that 4 of these carbs are insoluble. On the other hand, eating a cup of pasta will yield 150 calories and 45 grams of carbs and may see you going for seconds or thirds just to feel satisfied.

Besides incorporating fiber in your diet, you could also eat more protein. Your body uses more calories in the process of breaking down (thermic effect) proteins than it does fats and carbohydrates. You should also make use of healthy oils in food preparation; almond oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil and olive oil.

How To Achieve And Maintain A Lean Physique

(a) Increased Resistance Training

The key to bigger and well-toned muscles is exercise. A fact that people do not know is that the more muscles you have, the higher your metabolic rate. This way, you get to burn more calories daily than a person living a sedentary lifestyle with minimal activity.

In order to build bigger and stronger muscles, you need more resistance training through weight lifting. Your muscles will also require more energy to repair themselves after an intense workout. The bigger they grow the higher the energy utilization.  In some cases, you will not even be required to cut down your calorie intake because resistance workouts will burn the calories anyway.

(b) Cut Back on Cardio

Although highly effective, cardio isn’t to be banked on because your body adjusts to these exercises with time. Your body will adapt to running for hours by becoming energy efficient. This means that it will learn to burn less calories in order to save enough to get you going further. With this, you will be required to perform even more cardio just to burn the same amount of calories that you did before.

If you had made running for hours a couple times a week your routine, you will need to cut back. This will have to be done by feeding your body with more food and cutting down on the cardiovascular exercises. After some time, your body will get in check, you can then manipulate foods in order for weight loss to occur. You will then be required to implement a workout routine that will help you add weight.

A lean body will definitely require consistency and dedication. It is also important that you keep track of your progress all through your regimen. A multivitamin for bodybuilding will boost your energy levels hence enabling you to work harder at the gym hence a leaner and toned body.

Guest Post by Emily

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