Mindful Sleep Exercises For Adults and Kids

There are times when we beg cosmos for the tiniest bit of sleep, but nothing actually happens. If you’re tired of staring at the ceiling awaiting sleep, try our exclusive Mindful Sleep Exercise TODAY!

Mindful Sleep Exercises For Adults and Kids

Five Tips for Mindful Sleep and Wellness

Mindful sleep helps you correct your sleep cycle issues by resetting the circadian rhythm.

For exclusive insomnia when neither sheep nor pills work, practice the unique mindful sleep practices mentioned below. Our techniques are aimed at natural secretion of sleep hormones, which not only beckons sleep for tonight, but also tomorrow.

1. Does your Mattress Support your body or you support the mattress

The first lesson to sleeping mindfully is the place where you sleep. If your mattress no longer conforms to the contours of your body, there are high chances of developing body pains as well as serious sleep disorders such as fatal sleep apnea. To correct it, buy a top rated mattress that responds to your body-weight and sleep-pattern.

A good mattress corrects the head and feet elevations to help the body secrete sleep hormones and clears the upper airway for better and deeper sleep.

2. Toe Curl Exercise

Known as progressive sleep exercise, using acupressure, you can induce drowsiness by curling your toes for ten minutes each. As the pineal gland cells are located on your big toe, the same helps to boost the secretion of sleep hormones such as melatonin. You can also massage your feet with warm fenugreek oil for a quick sleep.

3. Have Sleep Tea

Yet another clever way of falling asleep fast and deep is by drinking sleep tea. The best herbs to use as a tea to beat insomnia are chamomile, valerian, passionflower, magnolia bark and lavender. These herbs boost the secretion of tryptophan, alleviate depression and relaxes mind to wind down easily.

Seeping herbal teas for a longer time also increases the duration and depth of your sleep.

4. Yoga Nidra or Yoga for Sleep

Yoga nidra comprises of guided meditation techniques for sleep where you listen to calming ambient sounds that help you secrete melatonin efficiently and signal the brain that it is time to sleep. The session of deep breathing for sleep takes 20 minutes.

5. Sleeping Routine to Adopt for Parents with Babies

Yet another important practice of mindful sleep should be for babies. Teach your baby a sleeping routine such as cutting off lights (TV, Phone and Light Bulbs) one hour before bed. As lights prolong the secretion of sleep hormones, make sure your bedroom does not have bright lights too. Using the best lightweight double stroller, you can ensure that your baby sleeps without disturbances too.


An expert way of using mindfulness techniques for sleep is by using binaural beats or isochronic tones in frequencies needed for sleep. Ideally, you should use powerful brainwave music to induce sleep in the frequency of delta waves.

Moreover, mindful sleep is a gift you get when you practice regular sleeping schedule!

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