Looking After Yourself After Pregnancy

Becoming a mother is a big transition in any woman’s life. Having a baby completely changes the way that you feel about life and sometimes the way that you feel about yourself. For many parents, the focus of life completely changes. Being a mommy doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t still feel youthful though. There may be stresses and strains, but you don’t have to lose your identity. There are plenty of things you can do to make sure you still feel like you.

Happy, healthy skin

Pregnancy hormones often cause greasy skin and acne. This can be very frustrating after you’ve had your baby, as your body continues to produce these hormones, as it returns to normality. It has been famously said that “you are what you eat,” and the foods that you consume during this time can really help your skin to recover. Great foods for healthy skin are rich in vitamins and minerals. You can’t get any better than good old fashioned fruit and veg. Avoid foods that have a high concentration of saturated fats and also anything with a high sugar content.

Getting back the glow

Being a new parent can be tiring and sometimes stressful and this can have an effect on your skin. Experts in mommy makeovers in Scottsdale, AZ recommend Laser Skin resurfacing to help you regain that youthful glow. Botox is also a safe and easy way to target wrinkles and is far more effective than your average supermarket moisturizer. Botox can last for several months after treatment and is brilliant for forehead wrinkles especially. Botox can stop new wrinkles from forming and drastically reduce existing ones. Make sure you also have plenty of vitamin D in your diet as this is good for your bones.

Toning up your tummy

After having a baby it can sometimes take a year for your tummy to begin to regain the lost muscles. Any form of vigorous exercise is not recommended in the first six months of motherhood, particularly if you have had a Caesarean section. When you do start to exercise however, there are plenty of exercises to tone your tummy. Walking and swimming are also highly recommended as low impact, but very effective, forms of exercise. Avoid drinking excess alcohol and eating foods that are high in fat.

Overall it’s important to look after yourself. Keeping yourself healthy will help you to look after your brand new family.

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