Can Natural Supplements Effectively Manage Mood?

Use of chemical antidepressant prescriptions has increased 65% in 15 years, with no noticeable increase in mood, suggesting that this route is not right for everyone. It is now suggested that instead of taking mood enhancing chemicals, those living with mood conditions such as depression or anxiety should try a more natural method.

Supplements made from plants may be surprisingly beneficial in stabilizing the moods of those with chemical imbalances in the brain. To avoid the risk of medication, consider the benefits of supplements.

Avoiding side effects

While prescription medication can be effective, often users stop taking them due to unwanted side effects. These side effects, which include insomnia and loss of sexual desire, can lead to a lower mood, offsetting the benefits of increasing dopamine and serotonin in the brain. Plants and natural supplements tend to be more gentle and therefore don’t provide these same side effects. This means that even if they turn out to be ineffective, they at least don’t cause any harm. Natural remedies, therefore, tend to be a risk-free option.

Combine with lifestyle changes

There is no simple fix to mood-related conditions. You will need to take a holistic approach, of which supplements are a single part. One of the most widely researched factors is exercise. Try something moderate and rhythmic such as cycling and running. This can be simple to incorporate into your everyday life, such as during a commute, but has been shown to release endorphins into the brain. This may not be the whole solution, but it’s a simple, risk-free place to start before taking potentially harmful chemical prescriptions.

Most effective substances

There are some surprisingly powerful plants out there which are shown to be at least as effective as medical prescriptions, without the negative side effects. Some of the most popular and well researched include St. John’s Wort and 5HTP. Also, plants containing doses of alkaloids have been shown to reduce anxiety, increase energy levels and improve sleep. These can stabilize moods in and of themselves, but they can also improve your lifestyle by giving you the energy to exercise and allowing you to sleep. These lifestyle changes are the ultimate determinants of your general mood level.

If you have tried prescription antidepressants and felt no improvement, then you may think there is no hope. However, natural supplements may provide the same benefits without being offset by adverse side effects. They may help you to achieve a healthy and balanced lifestyle, which is essential to long-lasting wellbeing.

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