Ways To Boost Your Workout With Green Tea

With fitness popularity on the rise, people are massively turning to healthy living and, apart from caring for their health, they all have a single idea in mind – to lose weight, i.e. get fit.

Ways To Boost Your Workout With Green Tea

Ways To Boost Your Workout With Green Tea

Mostly, these people do workout and they are indeed committed to their diet change, but somehow, they tend to be failing to see results and they get frustrated.

Dissecting their habits in order to find the reason that’s holding them back, polls conducted have established that, in 80% of cases, it would turn out that even if they were diligent about their fitness and food, they would often apply it the wrong way or with no rhyme or reason to it.

The remaining 20% had the occasional binge eating moments, skipping workouts or exercising sporadically, dropping their prescribed calorie intake altogether but kept working out, etc. Consequently, their results weren’t as satisfactory as they were expecting which further led to incredible levels of frustration and eventual giving up.

For everyone who is serious about their goal of losing weight and getting fit, there surely are some big changes to introduce in your lifestyle, but there seems to be one particular thing people have done to boost that calorie burn and get in shape quickly. Green tea!

Why green tea?

Green tea is an amazing and healthy drink that due to its antioxidant properties may boost metabolism and help burn fat. You can use green tea for weight loss by either taking green tea as a supplement or drinking the tea in its liquid form. Not all green tea brands are effective, though. While they may act as diuretics (just like any other liquid would), they won’t burn fat, but only help eliminate water. However, certified and organic green tea brands like Matcha are definitely a pathway to success.

Are there any studies on green tea and weight loss correlation?

Absolutely! Studies on the effect of green tea (check out the study conducted at the University of Maryland, HERE) have supported the end result and effect green tea has on obesity reduction – green tea with caffeine was confirmed to improve weight loss in overweight/obese individuals.

Is green tea good for anything else but weight loss

Is green tea good for anything else but weight loss?

Green tea is a natural supplement to your regular diet that has a soothing effect on your whole body and a very strong detoxifying effect. Consuming green tea regularly will not only speed up your bowel function and help defecate more often and remove toxins out of your body but it will also unclog your pores, clean your skin, enhance your hair growth and keep your concentration levels strong.

The thing, though – don’t overdo with drinking too much green tea daily as it contains a lot of caffeine so it can be harmful for those who suffer mild or strong heart conditions.

Additional advice to boost weight loss:

Get a personal trainer

Most people are thinking that all they have to do to lose weight is eat a little less and get a gym membership card. Wrong! If there are parts of your body that need to be targeted, working out on your own won’t actually do much, unless you’ve got some previous knowledge in fitness. While fitness generally is beneficial for your overall health, in case of targeted areas – a professional is the option to go with.

Why? A trained professional will know exactly what exercises to put you on, will supervise you every step of that way and increase or lower the amplitude you are working under in order to increase the impact of your workout. Further, you’ll get a prescribed diet that will be based on your current BMI, health and lifestyle. Results guaranteed!

Don’t skip meals

Starving yourself to the measurements you are after is definitely not a healthy way to achieve your goal. While you may lose the pounds, you’ll cause indescribable damage to your digestive tract, your muscles, teeth, bowel function and skin.

Eat reduced meals five to six times a day and drink up to four liters of water (and a few cups of green tea) – three main meals and two snacks. Naturally, your meals need to be healthy and calorie smart, as well as your snack sessions. Further, does it really need mentioning that all things soda-based, sugar-based, white flour-based and processed are out of the question? Hope not.

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