Alternative Pain Relief Strategies

Sadly, pain is sometimes a constant companion of cancer. In our advanced medicine, we have a very effective pain relief method – opioid drugs. However, these drugs often come with their own set of problems, such as addiction and liver problems.

Alternative Pain Relief Strategies

That’s why more and more people are looking for some alternative methods of relieving pain during their cancer treatment. Here are some popular methods which can take the pain away.

Stress-Reduction Exercise

Before you consider chemical solutions for your problem, you can attempt to relieve your pain through various exercise and relaxation techniques. Yoga, for instance, has been proven to be effective as pain relief for a long time. Similarly, chiropractors can also help with pain to some extent.

However, cancer pain typically requires a more intensive solution, so there are some substances which can help with your pain.


This substance, Dimethyl sulfoxide, is very useful as a pain relief for any type of cancer which is manifested on the skin or just under the skin. It is typically found as a liquid mix of 99.9% pure DMSO and distilled water in the ratio of 70/30. This is a safe and usable mix.

It is applied on the skin where the pain is, but only in thin layers. If you put too much of it, it can cause skin rashes. Despite this side effect, it is highly effective as a pain relief for skin-deep pain.

Cesium Chloride

Not only does this substance relieve pain, it can also act as a cancer treatment itself. The reason why is due to its composition. Cesium is one of very few things which can actually get inside a cancer cell and disrupt it from the inside.

It works by increasing the alkalinity of the cancer cell, which is not ideal for it, as it cannot thrive and multiply. Additionally, it prevents the cell from feeding on sugar.

Unfortunately, you cannot use this substance alone, you will need an expert’s help. The dosage must be correct and that requires someone who knows what they are doing.

TENS Units

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation or TENS units are small devices which use mild electrical impulses to soothe the pain. These have existed for a long time, and have proven their effectiveness against certain types of pain, but not all of it.


In the past, acupuncture was considered ineffective and useless; but in recent years many studies have shown that there are some effects which cannot be refuted. And even though a scientific explanation of these effects is still unclear, the result is obvious.

Proponents of acupuncture are adamant that it helps relieve pain, and give a conciliatory statement that it does no harm, so why not try it once.


Even though there is a lot of controversy over the legality of marijuana, there is some irrefutable evidence that marijuana is effective at relieving chronic pain, which is common with cancer patients.

Not only is it effective for pain relief, it also prevents nausea, which makes it something of a holy grail for cancer patients who are in chemotherapy.


If your state doesn’t recognize marijuana as a medicinal aid, or if you are concerned about using marijuana for personal reasons, there are some synthetic replacements with similar effects. These drugs which are derived from the active ingredient of marijuana have been approved by the FDA, which means that they have gone through rigorous testing.

You can learn about what it takes for a drug to be FDA approved on this article

Depending on the type and the intensity of pain they are dealing with, people are often ready to try some new ways to relieve it. However, these are not a suitable substitute for proper cancer treatment.

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