What Happens to Your Body When You Want to Stop Training

Everyone knows how difficult is to reach the set goals, to be in a good shape and to feel confident. To get all these things you worked hard in the gym every day during a very long time. But suddenly you realize you want to stop training and rest. Maybe for someone, it seems there`s nothing wrong with it. It`s just a little break. But the consequences of such hiatus can really influence your body, mind and the general state of your health.

What Happens to Your Body When You Want to Stop Training

Sometimes our organism needs a very little break from training. It happens if you are really very busy at work, you work six times a week and one short weekend is the only day when you can rest. In this case, you can skip several workouts. But you must afford such detraining very rarely only when you need it. In a week nothing irreparable with your body takes place. But in this week of detraining it will be very difficult to motivate yourself to start exercising and to attend the gym regularly. More serious consequences will wait for you if you decide to give up exercise more that for one week. Of course, we have to take into account the individual differences of every person but the negative impact of the inactivity period anyway would be noticeable.

Here`s exactly what happens to your body when you take a vacation from your regular training:

You Feel Winded

Within two weeks of not working out, you will notice that your strength declines. This happens when you stop training and your body loses the ability to convert oxygen into energy which your organism needs most of all to be active and pleased during the day. Your muscles mass and muscle strength will become weaker and weaker with every next week of detraining.

You Feel Brain Changes

As we all know training is good for our brains. Attending the gym on regular basis influences positively our mind. First of all, even a short vacation from exercising affects the blood flow to our brain and it influences that part of it which is associated with our emotions and memory.

You See You’re Gaining Weight

Unfortunately, all your efforts in the gym during many weeks, months or even years can disappear before you know it. You work hard to be in a perfect shape but all these you may erase if you stop your regular workouts. This physical change will be noticeable by others after five or six weeks. But yet the fitter you are, the sooner you will see the negative changes  in your body. It`s because your body is more adapted to the hard training and that’s why you’ll notice the difference much sooner that the person who exercises irregularly or at a bit lower intensity.

You Notice Blood Pressure Problems

When your body feels regularly physical activity you feel fresh, cheerful and strapping. So your body is used to regular training and usually, you have low blood pressure. But when you suddenly break your workouts your veins and arteries become more stiffen and smaller and that`s why your blood pressure goes up.

Each of us knows how difficult that can be to bring yourself to train on the regular basis. But if you’ve already started try not to skip your training. After reading this article you’ve already realized that to make up for lost time is harder that to sustain your regular shape.

Written by Helen Rogers at http://thecrossfitshoes.com/

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