8 Amazing Reasons to Start Yoga

Nowadays in sports clubs you can find boxing, swimming, bodybuilding and a newcomers yoga classes. Yoga in the western world showed in XX century and in a few decades became very popular. Why it’s so? It’s because people who practice yoga feel amazing improvements in their daily life.

By many ways, yoga resembles meditation because they both originated in India whose gurus taught western scientists about different yoga techniques and improvements it gives.

But don’t think that yoga is a young type of exercises. Ancient scripts tell that yoga originated 3000 years ago in India like a practice of movements that help to increase physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

Most people and especially women love yoga as it’s easy to start, doesn’t require much strength but asks to concentrate on a perfect completion of poses.

As today we have many methods to measure changes in human health and behavior so it was easy to prove that yoga truly helps. You may be surprised but more and more studies show that yoga is great not only like a physical training but a huge boost to your mental state!

Now It’s Time to See How Yoga Can Help You:

1. Helps to Concentrate

Yoga teaches to do exercises correctly at 100% which require you to focus on what you do at the present. But these skills don’t leave you when you go out of a yoga class. They stay together with you every single day. And this is cool! It helps to concentrate while doing every task.

Reading, writing, talking and even walking in a park becomes more enjoyable because you see what happens now and enjoy the present moment. Moreover, the better you concentrate on what you do, the better and faster you complete your objectives.

2. Improve Nervous System

Advanced yogis show wonderful benefits of this practice. Researchers used brain scans on long time yogis and saw changes in their brain wave levels when they go deeper into yoga techniques.

Furthermore, yogis showed that by doing yoga they can increase their body parts temperature levels by 15 degrees! They told that they do so by doing specific breathing techniques and controlling their blood flow into needed body areas.

3. Boost Immunity

It’s still not sure how yoga can strengthen your immunity but it’s seen that people who practice yoga are more resistant to diseases. But one thing is sure. When yogis come into contact with possible disease agents, their immune system creates more antibodies which help to defeat intruders.

Why You Should Try Yoga

Yoga For Peace Of Mind

4. Increase Muscle Size

If you still think that yoga is only for ladies, then you’re wrong! Even some bodybuilders do yoga because it helps them to develop stronger muscles. Of course, not all exercises are super hard but there are some that need to be a master to complete.

Moreover, as yoga poses require making different poses, all muscles get work that is needed for a further development. Muscles grow when they receive nerve impulses which encourage blood to send amino acids into muscles that get work and by doing so, encourage their grow.

5. Straight Posture

One of the first benefits that you can see after yoga sessions is that your spine becomes straighter. It’s not a surprise as yoga trainers always watch that you would do exercises correctly.

This is important as yoga helps only when you do it properly. But a straight spine isn’t only to look cool! It decreases the risk of a spine pain and helps to teach healthy breathing which increases your life expectancy.

6. Strengthen Your Bones

By doing yoga poses, especially advanced, your bones get work which makes them grow stronger to decrease the risk of self-damage. Also, this helps to avoid bone fractures and decrease the risk of osteosclerosis in the older age.

7. Creates Healthier Blood

While doing yoga exercises and properly breathing, your blood fuels itself with oxygen which later goes to your cells. It is a good thing as cells use oxygen to survive and synthesize energy you use for daily activities.

This results in tissues longevity and more alkaline environment in your body which decrease the risk of getting sick because of harmful microorganisms.

8. Makes You Happier

Awesome! When you’re healthy it’s a lot easier to feel joyful. But it’s not only because of health benefits yoga gives. It’s also due to other factors like a better relationship with other people, more friends and feeling better about what happens to you. But the most important thing is that you start to love yourself which is the key to being happy.

Well, it seems that yoga definitely has tremendous health benefits to your physical body. However, it’s sad that we still don’t have advanced enough technologies that would allow us to see how yoga helps to improve our mental states.

However, we could hear that in the near future. While now, you should trust in your body and it’ll tell you what is good 🙂

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