Low Impact Aerobics and Running Tips

If you are looking for an exercise program to suit you, then low impact aerobics may be what you need. A normal aerobic class includes running and jumping and when both feet are lifted off the ground, the impact transmitted to the lower leg on landing is high.

Best Exercises to Lose Fat Easily


In a low impact class, there is no jumping or jogging and this reduces the impact caused by keeping one foot on the ground at all times. The moves are stepped through and the class may include strength and stretching exercises, power walking and dance movements.

This class is particularly suitable for beginners, the older adult, sports people recovering from an injury (ready to commence training), pregnant women, the overweight and the unfit.

The reason a low impact aerobic class suits so many people is that it can be worked at your own intensity. The exercises can be made more intense by exaggerating the movements and by including arm movements.

Many people are surprised that, while participating in a low-impact class, they were able to raise their heart rate to achieve a training effect. This means that the exercise was intense enough for them to increase their fitness level and strengthen their heart and lung.

Some people refer to these classes as fat burners and they are quite correct. The classes are held at a level which an overweight person could cope with and not put extra stress on their bodies.

These classes enable a person to continually move (without starting and stopping) for 20-30 minutes. It is the continual movement which assists in eight loss and combined with a sensible diet will help you peel off the kilos.

Running Into Fitness

Many people groan at the thought of running. They think that it is boring and too strenuous. But how wrong they are! Running or maybe just an evening jog can be one of the most relaxing pastimes.

First, why run? Most people should be aware that research has shown those who are physically inactive run up to 2½ times the risk of coronary heart disease — It is the biggest killer.

Running is the simplest and one of the most efficient ways to stimulate the circulation and the heart. It provides a gentle, steady but prolonged demand on the heart rather than a series of short severe ones, exercising every part of the body.

Who can do it? Anybody, anywhere at anytime. If you haven’t done much exercise for a while, just have a check up first.

Wear a pair of good sandshoes or “joggers”, make sure they are well fitting. Find a running gear and a T-shirt, or an old sweater on a cold day.

When you begin be sensible about it. Try to do a few warm-up exercises. Begin easily and progress slowly, but try to steadily better your previous effort. Remember, don’t strain yourself.

Although it may be difficult, try and run on a grassed surface. Hard surfaces such, as tarred roads or paths strain joints. Try to run with a reasonably empty stomach. Apart from the discomfort caused, running with a full stomach can also be harmful.

Running is a simple skill, the more often it is done, the more you become accustomed to it. Just relax and enjoy a healthy life.

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