Interesting Facts About Cancer Treatment

interesting facts about cancer treatment

A danger clearly seen and recognized as such, can frequently be avoided. To ignore the danger because the thought of it is repugnant is not to remove it.

The possibility of cancer must have occurred to every woman. It is unfortunately a very common affliction, and causes more deaths than any other with the exception of heart disease.

Indeed, of all women who reach forty, one in every six will die of cancer. This terrible toll of lives could be very greatly reduced and much suffering prevented, if every case of cancer received skilled medical advice and proper treatment as soon as the first signs were noticed.

Many years ago cancer was considered to be a disease of the blood, and incurable. If an operation were performed and the growth were removed it almost invariably returned and killed its victim.

Cancer In Its Early Stage Is Curable

In those days it was of little consequence how long the patient put off consulting the surgeon.

Now, when we know that cancer in its early stage is a purely local disease and can in the majority of cases be cured in that stage. When the very condition of cure is early removal, there is still the same disastrous delay in seeking advice.

Far too many patients first consult their doctor when their disease has reached a stage at which the hope of a permanent cure is remote, and all that can be done is to relieve suffering and to some extent prolong life.

Had they asked his advice when the first sign of trouble appeared there would have been every chance of completely eliminating the disease. Why do they delay? A reason sometimes given is that they thought cancer was incurable, and hoped that the symptoms they had noticed would prove to be due to some other condition.

This wrong conception had led them to suffer suspense for months or years, at the same time jeopardizing their chance of recovery. An other reason frequently given is that because there was neither pain nor unpleasant sensation of any kind, they thought that the trouble could not be serious.

Cancer in its early stage is curable. Therefore, the best advice which can be offered to all women is consult your doctor immediately your suspicions are aroused.

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