Should You Take Extra Vitamins

Should You Take Extra Vitamins

With today’s processed foods, do we really need to take vitamin pills for good health?

Instead of taking the normally accepted amounts of vital vitamins each day, exponents of “MegaVitamin therapy” consume hundreds and even thousands of times the daily recommended allowance.

For example, instead of finding an orange (which contains about 60mg of vitamin C) adequate for their daily needs, they will consume anywhere from 1,000 to 15,000mg a day.

Advantage And Disadvantage Of Taking Extra Vitamins

Not long ago the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) told its doctor readers: “Some health professional groups claim that massive doses of vitamins are effective in treatment of such conditions as mental retardation, schizophrenia, infantile autism, depression, alcoholism, senility,learning disability, and colds.”

The British Medical Journal reported: “The American Medical Association has come out against the over-use of vitamins after a four-year-old boy developed vitamin A intoxication from taking massive doses of vitamin A.” This is a serious disorder adversely affecting the skin, bone, liver and other organs.

Taking massive doses may be a disadvantage. But, daily intake of sensible amounts of vitamins is essential for good health. A person eating a sensible, balanced diet including fruit, fresh vegetables (greens, yellows, reds) – will automatically gain a bountiful supply of the necessary vitamins. Also, getting adequate amounts of sunlight is also necessary.

Who Should Take Vitamin Supplements?

  1. The aged may need supplementary vitamins. Often their diet is severely limited, consisting of endless cups of sugared tea and bread, with little else.
  2. Convalescing patients may require added supplies, and so may some children and infants.
  3. People on special diets (including those endeavoring to lose weight and reducing their normal food intake), may also require extra vitamin supplies.
  4. Alcoholics definitely need increased intake of the vitamin B group.

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