Interesting Nutrition Facts About Apples

Interesting Nutrition Facts About Apples

Do you know these facts?

  1. That the peel of apples is more than six times as rich in vitamin C (the vitamin that protects from scurvy and cheeks tooth decay) as the inner fruit lying nearer the core.
  2. That when we chew fibrous food such as a raw apple we are exerting a pressure of from 100 to 150 pounds on the teeth, and that this exercise improves the blood supply to the teeth, and in children helps to develop healthy teeth and jaws.
  3. That a raw apple eaten at the end of a meal not only acts as a cleanser of the teeth, but also helps to preserve the “alkaline reserve” in the blood, and scientists have discovered that this question of an acid or “alkaline reaction” lies at the bottom of many ailments, as well as having a definite influence on the decay or non-decay of the teeth.
  4. That the mineral salts of the apple have a beneficial and stimulating effect on the kidneys, while the fibrous portion (especially if eaten raw, including the peel) furnishes a certain “roughage” or bulk which helps to regulate the digestive functions.
  5. That most apples are at their best some little time after picking, since more of the starch in the apple is then converted into sugar.

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