Fresh Guava Juice Nutrition Facts

The vitamin C content of guavas for the first crop of the season averages 5000 International Units (IU) per each 100 grams of edible flesh. It is estimated that the daily in take of vitamin C should be:

  • For adults, minimum 1,000 IU – 2,000 IU.
  • For expectant mothers, optimum 3,000 IU.
  • For infants, optimum 750 IU.
  • For grow children 1,500 IU.
Guava Juice Nutrition Facts

What are the benefits of vitamin C in the diet?

Vitamin C prevents scurvy in young and old and is necessary for good health at all ages. It is very important for bottle-fed babies because pasteurized milk contains little or no vitamin C.

This vital vitamin controls the normal functioning of materials around and between the body cells; increases the resistance of your body to some infections, and helps to build and maintain good teeth and gums.

Of all vitamins, vitamin C is the most elusive, difficult to capture, and most irritatingly frustrating to hold. Yet the daily intake of this precious vitamin is indispensable to ensure good health.

In a few hours after removal from the soil, the vitamin C content of a lettuce or a cabbage disappears. The strength of vitamin C in foods exposed to air while cooking is reduced considerably.

Even the orange, noted for its content of this elusive vitamin, mostly used for baby feeding, begins to turn bitter a few hours after the juice is extracted from the orange.

This is because there are elements called glucoside present in the membrane covering the sections, which cause a chemical change in the juice. This results in a gradual deterioration of its vitamin C content.

Therefore scientists of the University of Florida, who made the tests, advise that orange juice should be used immediately after extraction, and not allowed to stand. (Bulletin 77, University of Hawaii).

From the above one can well understand that it is impossible to bottle orange juice and succeed in retaining its fresh natural flavor, as claimed by manufacturers of orange juice cordials, or its original percentage of Vitamin C.

Why is guava juice good for you?

So we reach the point where we find that the guava stands superb and supreme above any other vitamin C producing fruit, because it possesses a higher content of vitamin C than any other known fruit.

Guava juice can be expressed, sterilized and bottled; made into a lovely jelly, or evaporated into a moist or dry concentrate, without the slightest diminution of its vitamin C strength except, of course, by the addition of water; and then the content of this vitamin is higher than that present in any other fruit.


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