8 Reasons Why You Should Drink Coffee

People love coffee—it’s one of the most traded goods in the world and the second highest consumed beverage, behind water. Coffee helps people get up and going in the morning even when they have no desire to go at all, and with the surge in home coffee machines available, gone are the days of paying thousands of dollars for expensive coffee machines. With coffee now being so readily available, and affordable, it’s an easy beverage option, but did you know it’s actually one of the healthiest drinks in the world when consumed in moderation?

8 Reasons Why You Should Drink Coffee

Here are 8 reasons to drink coffee you might not have heard:

1. Coffee protects your liver

Apparently the reason you feel so much better when you have a cup of coffee after a long morning isn’t just the caffeine boost. Some of the active ingredients in coffee also help prevent alcohol cirrhosis in the liver.

2. It reduces your risk of certain cancers

Recent research shows that regularly drinking black coffee—about 2-3 cups per day—can reduce your risk of breast, bladder, prostate, and pancreatic cancers as well as leukemia.

3. It gives you a longer life expectancy

One Harvard study has linked drinking one cup of coffee per day to a 6% lower mortality rate and drinking three cups of coffee a day to a 8% lower mortality rate. Five cups of coffee a day is linked to an even more impressive 15% reduction in mortality rate, at least if you can drink that much coffee without completely sacrificing your sleep.

4. It’s full of antioxidants

Coffee may actually have as much as 600% more antioxidants than any other source of antioxidants in your diet, even pure pomegranate juice. Antioxidants are great for cleansing your system, especially your skin.

5. It prevents cavities

Sure, black coffee can stain your teeth if you’re not careful, but it also fights cavity-causing bacteria called Streptococcus Mutans or S. Mutans for short. Regularly drinking black coffee prevents the growth of this bacteria so your teeth stay healthy even if they are a little stained.

6. It boosts your memory

It turns out coffee is actually good for both your long term memory and your short term memory, although we can’t promise it will stop you from forgetting where you put your keys.

7. Coffee reduces your risk of Parkinson’s Disease

Drinking a couple cups of coffee every day reduces the risk of Parkinson’s Disease in both women and men by a full 58%. If you drink five cups of coffee or more every day that number jumps to around 60%.

8. It also helps you lose weight

All right, so we’re pretty sure this boost actually comes from caffeine, but a single cup of coffee can boost your metabolism by 3-11% for up to three hours after you drink it. So if you’re drinking a cup with breakfast and another one with lunch you’re keeping your metabolism revved through almost the entire work day. And let’s face of it, most of us could stand to lose at least a little bit of weight. Just remember that these studies were talking about black coffee, no milk or sugar and definitely no frappuccinos.

All in all, coffee is probably the healthiest thing you can drink other than water and maybe green tea (which shares many of the same benefits). So smile next time you’re reaching for a cup because you’re taking great care of your body.


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