Benefits Of Bike Riding

benefits of bike riding

These days of golden sunshine offer an invitation that is hard to resist. There seems something about an exhilarating spring morning that suggests an open road, twittering birds, and bush scented air so fervently that the impulse to walk, run or ride for miles becomes almost too strong to ignore.

These are mornings when, suitably clad we can mount a bicycle, and filling our lungs exuberantly with “Spring” ride and ride, feeling the warmth of the sun’s rays filtering through, dispelling the worry and clatter of a busy week, and filling our beings with fresh life and vitality.

LET’S TRY RIDING A BIKE! Exercise For Health And Beauty

Those of you who own bicycles and are used to spending every spare moment riding know the thrill of speeding along in the crisp scent laden air, and know the beneficial effect such a day’s outing has, but for those of you who have never participated in this sport the fascination that this adventure holds, both from a health and beauty viewpoint, will find it well worth indulging in.

It has been said by an eminent American doctor that cycling, like swimming, is a most complete form of exercise for the development of mind, body, and lungs, and was recommended by him as the ideal form of exercise for all ages.

For the development or reduction of any part of your body try bike riding. The coordination of muscles will help rid your figure of unwelcome bumps, and help to smooth down those portions that are a continual bugbear when wearing the smart new creations designed for the willowy and slender of figure.

Planning A Tour

Planning a bike riding tour

There is no lovelier way of spending a weekend than a well thought-out and planned bicycle tour. You will find the best clothes to wear on these trips slacks, jodhpurs or shorts, and a light weave short-sleeved shirt and jumper.

When once assured that you will be quite suitably attired do make sure that you take every precaution to protect your eyes and skin from the ravages of bright glaring sunlight and dust. It is always well to remember that even the healthiest face can be marred by the continual squinting of the eyes to hide them from the too constant glare of way many dis figuring wrinkles and crow’s feet form.

So you will see that one of the necessities to pack is a pair of glare-proof glasses. As your safety on the road will depend to a large extent on your own clear sightedness, it is essential that you obtain a good pair of sun glasses, with lenses clear and flaw proof. Do consider this an important fact, and obtain your glasses from a reliable firm.

Protect Your Skin

protect your skin

Your skin, too, it must be remembered, is quite unused to exposure for long intervals to the fierce rays of the sun, and the drying effect of the wind so it is essential that you take steps to protect your face with a good cream or lotion that has been recommended to you.

If you don’t take this precaution you will be returning from your trip looking a little worse for wear. Remember, too, that the sun light on your hair will cause it to lighten in color, and become very dry and brittle, therefore you will find it necessary to take some head covering, and I would suggest a little three cornered scarf tied under the chin as the most effective.

If you are wearing shorts, and if the weather will permit it, I think these will be the most popular wearing attire, it would be an excellent time to get an even coat of tan. There are lots of well known brands of creams and lotions on the market that will tan your skin while protecting it from the pain of severe sunburn.

The only rule that you must observe when using these preparations is that it must not be allowed to dry on the skin, but must be kept fresh by continual application.

Make It A Success

To ensure the success of your trip make sure that your bike is a brand well known for its durability, as any breakdowns occurring during the trip will spoil your outing and turn a pleasure trip into one of disappointment and hardship.

bike accessories

When choosing your bike go along to an expert and receive his opinion on different points in favor of different makes, and do not make the mistake of choosing a machine for its color scheme, but make sure that you feel quite at home with it, and that it suits you perfectly as to height and spacing of handle bars.

It is important to see that your bike be equipped with tail light, pump and headlight. So before setting out on any trip, no matter how small it may be, have your bike equipped with these necessities, and save yourself much trouble and danger.

It seems a pity that this should occur at this time of the year when all the scenic wonders are at their best, therefore it is only to be expected that other means of transport will be sought, and the most likely one would be the familiar iron steed because of its reasonable price and its negligible upkeep.

Therefore we must expect that the demand will exceed supplies, and because of this we can only expect the prices to rise from present-day levels. If you are making plans to spend the summer months in enjoyable outdoor trips, make your purchase of a bike now.

It would be inadvisable for anyone to take a long tour on a bicycle before becoming well used to the machine, road laws, and before the muscles have become used to the extra exercises.

So begin by, planning short runs into the country, and profiting by every bit of experience gained, so that when the time does come for the big trip you have planned everything will be in perfect readiness, and not one hitch will occur to spoil the most delightful trio that you could possibly have.

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