The Best Diet For High Blood Pressure

This dietary need not be followed with extreme rigidity by patients suffering from a mild degree of raised blood pressure. It is intended as a general guide as to what foods are advocated and what should be avoided.

The Best Diet For High Blood Pressure

Foods to avoid if you have high blood pressure

  • Red meats, alcoholism any form, tobacco, coffee, tea (except weak China tea), sauces, pickles, condiments, particularly salt, which should be used as sparingly as possible in cookery.
  • Rich sweets and pastries, including trifles, Christmas puddings and mince pies. All soups and broths, meat extracts, liver, kidney, sweet breads.

It is wise to have one day each week, in which the diet consists solely of suitable fresh fruit or milk foods. Also, much fluid should not be taken at meal times, but as much as desired of suitable beverages may be taken in between meals, i.e, lemon or barley water, milk and soda, weak China tea.

Healthy breakfast for high blood pressure

  1. Grapefruit, (without much sugar), or stewed, or baked apples, or other fruit in season.
  2. One egg, lightly boiled, poached or scrambled, or wheat cake, cornflakes, with milk or cream and a little sugar.
  3. Two or three thin slices of bread or toast, either brown or white.
  4. A little marmalade or jam.
  5. One cup of weak China tea or preferably milk, or milk and soda.

Best lunch for high blood pressure

  1. Two thin slices of bread or toast. Broiled white fish, or chicken, in moderation. Plaice, sole, or a small portion of halibut or turbot are suitable; rich fish such as salmon or mackerel should be avoided, also, all shellfish.
  2. Milk puddings, custard, blancmange, junket, cream and stewed. or fresh fruit are all permissible.
  3. Cheese, except a little cream cheese should be avoided.

Dinner meals for high blood pressure

Preferably, the principal meal of the day should be lunch, unless dinner can be taken at an early hour, to ensure that it is digested before going to bed. A small portion of chicken or steamed fish.

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