Apple Diet To Lose Weight Fast And Healthy


Apple Diet To Lose Weight Fast And Healthy

An apple a day can keep the doctor away and it can also provide the basis for a surprising new diet. Apples can be most tantalizing as diet fare. Even the sound effects are interesting; that crisp crunch when you take your first bite!

The Apple Diet is easy to stay with and even allows you between meal snacks. There are many ways the apple can add a little sparkle to your meals. Another plus is that apples are convenient, easy to pick up and snack on, and easy to hold in your hand. Did you ever try to bite into a grapefruit?

As with any diet or exercise program you should first consult your doctor because no one diet is perfect for everyone. Don’t neglect exercise. During your diet keep muscles from becoming flabby and keep up that exercise afterwards to maintain your new trim weight.

120ml orange juice or ½ grapefruit
2. Select one:
— 1 egg, any style
— 30g cereal with skim milk
— Cup low fat yoghurt
3. 1 slice whole wheat toast, pat margarine
4. Coffee or tea

 Select one:
— 60g fish or poultry
— 60g cheese
— 2 eggs, any way
2. Dark green leafy or orange vegetable
3. 240ml skim milk
4. Fresh Apple

1. 120g poultry, fish or beef
2. Vegetable or potato
3. 240ml skim milk
4. Fresh Apple

Select one:
— Fresh apple
— Apple sauce
— Baked apple with sugar substitute

Don’t make the mistake of thinking exercise will make you hungrier, it will help you enjoy the apples more.

Here are some points to remember when you’re following The Apple Diet:

  1. Add variety by alternating beef, poultry and fish and changing the ways you prepare them.
  2. Stick to lean cuts of meat, trim off any fat before cooking and avoid all fried foods.
  3. Concentrate on the green leafy vegetables, but don’t neglect the others as you need some carbohydrates.
  4. Go easy on salt.
  5. Try adding a thinly-sliced, unpeeled red apple to a green salad.
  6. Make an easy apple sauce to go with meat or as a dessert, using apples, a little lemon juice, cinnamon or nutmeg.

When you need to lose weight fast, you get a good supply of apples and go from there. Most diets bore you to death after the first day or two. But not apples, they keep on being fun.

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